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Lipid and Protein Synthesis & Transport

In order to function, all cells are subcompartmentalised into distinct organelles which must be correctly positioned and have the appropriate lipid and protein content. The transfer of proteins and lipids between organelles plays an essential role in many cellular functions. We are determining how proteins are correctly folded to achieve a functional conformation and then transported to the correct organelles, how proteins and lipids are transported between organelles and how organelles themselves are transported within the cell. Defects in protein folding, protein targeting, protein transport and lipid handling are associated with many retinal degenerative diseases. Elucidating the molecular cell biology underlying these processes will increase our understanding of how these processes break down in eye disease and will identify targets for new therapeutic strategies.

IO researchers working in this area:

Professor Mike Cheetham
Dr Clare Futter
Dr Tim Levine
Professor Steven Moss
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