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Epithelial Cell Biology

Epithelial cells form intercellular junctions to make selective barriers that allow the maintenance of different tissue compartments. Tight junctions not only regulate paracellular permeability but also cell proliferation and gene expression. We are determining how the assembly and disassembly of junctions is regulated and the molecular mechanisms through which tight junctions regulate proliferation. These findings will form a basis for the development of new therapies to treat epithelial proliferative diseases and promote epithelial repair after surgery. Retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cells form part of the blood-retina barrier and their function is essential for photoreceptor survival. RPE cell dysfunction commonly occurs with age and is the cause of many retinal degenerative diseases. We are investigating the molecular cell biology of RPE cells in health and disease. This will aid our understanding of how cellular processes break down in the retina and will identify potential new therapeutic strategies.

IO researchers working in this area:

Dr Maria Balda
Professor Mike Cheetham
Dr Clare Futter
Professor John Greenwood
Dr Imre Lengyel
Professor Phil Luthert
Professor Karl Matter
Professor Steven Moss
Dr Patric Turowski

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