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Cytoskeleton, Cell Motility and Wound Healing

The actin cytoskeleton regulates uptake into cells, transport within cells, cell shape, cell motility and interactions with other cells and the extracellular matrix. These processes in turn regulate complex cell behaviours such as inflammation, wound healing, tissue scarring or stem cell differentiation, which play a part in the pathogenesis or failure of treatment of virtually all major eye diseases. We are determining how actin and actin regulatory proteins mediate these processes. Identification of the molecular mechanisms involved will lead to a greater understanding of tissue contraction and cell differentiation. This will help identify novel targets to control and modulate wound healing, tissue contraction and tissue remodelling, and ultimately lead to novel therapies for tissue repair and regeneration.

IoO researchers working in this area:

Dr Maryse Bailly
Dr Julie Daniels
Dr Alison Hardcastle
Professor Peng Khaw
Dr Astrid Limb
Professor Steven Moss
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