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Cell Transplantation

Diseases of the eye especially retinal degeneration have proven to be refractory to treatment despite enormous efforts to develop effective therapeutic strategies. The few currently available treatments slow disease progression in only a minority of patients. Currently there are no treatments able to halt the disease or restore elements and function. In order to treat retinal degenerative disease there is an increasingly urgent need to explore and develop new strategies to regenerate lost cells in such a way as to restore sight. The use of cell transplantation in such diseases is especially attractive as it may provide us with the ability to halt disease progression and reverse the loss of function through replacement of cells. At the Institute we are investigating the use of a number of cellular therapies including limbal corneal and retinal stem cells for trauma or disease of the eye.

IoO researchers working in this area:

Professor Robin Ali
Professor Pete Coffey
Dr Julie Daniels
Mr John K Dart
Professor John Greenwood
Professor Peng Khaw
Dr Astrid Limb
Professor Steven Moss
Dr Rachael Pearson
Mr Steven J Tuft

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