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Cell Biology

At the Institute we investigate fundamental cell biological processes such as lipid and protein transport, cell proliferation, cell differentiation, cell permeability, cell-cell interactions, cell-matrix interactions and cell motility. The eye is composed of multiple different cell types and is an ideal system in which to study cell biology, since, in order to function properly, the eye needs to integrate almost all the cell biological processes encountered in the body and most eye diseases can be linked to dysfunctions in one or more of them. We use state of the art imaging techniques, combined with molecular and biochemical analyses, to identify the molecular mechanisms which regulate cell biological processes. An understanding of these mechanisms is fundamental to understanding the cellular basis of vision, the causes of eye disease and the cellular response to clinical intervention and is critical for the development of new therapeutic strategies.

IO researchers working in this area:

Dr Maryse Bailly
Dr Maria Balda
Professor Mike Cheetham
Dr Julie Daniels
Dr Clare Futter
Professor John Greenwood
Dr Alison Hardcastle
Professor Peng Khaw
Dr Imre Lengyel
Dr Tim Levine
Dr Astrid Limb
Professor Phil Luthert
Professor Karl Matter
Professor Steven Moss
Dr Patric Turowski
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