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Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

AMD research is a major priority for us. The following examples illustrate a portion of our work on this disease.

AMD affects the cells behind the retina, known as the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE). We have developed experimental systems to study the pathology of AMD in the culture dish. We also have an angiogenesis group studying abnormal blood vessel formation to find new ways of preventing this common blinding complication of AMD. We are developing RPE cell transplantation as a potential cure and are working closely with Moorfields Eye Hospital to bring this approach to the clinic. We are also working to help patients by studying how the brain responds to AMD and training patients to see better, work which complements development and assessment of low vision aids.

IO researchers working in this area:

Professor Robin Ali
Mr G William Aylward
Dr James Bainbridge
Dr Maria Balda
Dr Peter Bex
Professor Alan Bird
Professor Pete Coffey
Dr Francesca Cordeiro
Mr Lyndon Da Cruz
Dr Steven Dakin
Professor Fred Fitzke
Dr Marcus Fruttiger
Dr Clare Futter
Professor John Greenwood
Dr Imre Lengyel
Professor Phil Luthert
Mr Robert MacLaren
Professor Karl Matter
Professor Steven Moss
Professor Gary Rubin
Dr Christiana Ruhrberg Mr Adnan Tufail
Mr Andrew Webster

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