As of September 2012 the lecture programme for this course has been combined with the retina diet but the clinical attachments will reflect the two different diets.

Q. What are the course fees for 2014-15?

A. UK/EU 2012/13: £10,800 (FT)
Overseas 2012/13: £35,300 (FT)
Full details of funding opportunities can be found on the UCL Scholarships website

Fees for part time study are charged per module taken. The exact charge is quoted by the UCL Fees Office on an individual basis following module registration.

Q. What is the closing date for applications?

A. This diet might not run in the 2014-15 academic year so if you wish to apply, please get in touch. Otherwise, you might consider the Retina diet of this programme.

Q. Can I do this course full-time over 1 year?

A. yes – we are running all modules the modules for the course during the 2014-2015 academic year. Please check with the course administrator regarding timetables.

Q. I do not have any ophthalmology experience, can I join the course?

A. The course is most suitable for those who have some experience in ophthalmology but the MSc in Clinical Ophthalmology is better suited if you have no ophthalmic expereince.

Q. I am an ophthalmic professional from overseas and would like to increase my experience. Is this course suitable for me?

A. This course is specifically designed to increase knowledge and practical skills for ophthalmologists worldwide

Q. What’s the difference between the Masters / Postgraduate Diploma / Postgraduate Certificate?

A. The Masters programme requires the most time commitment (8 modules and dissertation) and can be achieved in 1 year. The Postgraduate diploma requires less (8 modules only) and can be completed in 2 terms. The Postgraduate Certificate can be completed in 1 term (4 modules).

Q. I want to start with the less demanding format of the programme (eg Postgraduate Certificate). Can I upgrade to the Masters later?

Yes, as long as you have not already asked to be awarded the relevant qualification and you request the upgrade promptly, you can continue studying for a Masters. An extra fee will be applicable.

Q. What assessments are involved in the course?

A. There will be a mixture of assessments eg MCQ exams, short answer papers, assessed seminars and essays. These count towards your final mark as does your dissertation.