Programme Syllabus


Core Modules

The programme syllabus is divided into three sections: core modules, advanced modules and a research module:

  • ocular cell biology: fundamentals of ocular cell biology and the structure and functions of specialised cell types in the eye (link to page)
  • ocular development in health and disease: a detailed insight into the cellular structure of all the important ocular components, in the context of development and pathology (link to page)
  • genetics and epidemology of ocular disease: exploring genetic eye disease and how genetic studies can aid our understanding of eye disease biology (link to page)

Advanced Modules

  • ocular immunology: a broad examination of immunology and disease processes as they relate to the eye (link to page)
  • introduction to visual neuroscience: a comprehensive review of the nervous system to provide an understanding of neuroscience and the visual system (link to page)
  • advanced visual neuroscience: visual neuroscience from the level of circuits and systems through to visually guided behaviour, with emphasis on the computations performed by the visual system (link to page)

Research Module

All taught modules will be assessed by a variety of coursework, dependent upon each module organiser, except the research project - this will be assessed through a written dissertation and an oral presentation.