Queen Square Clinical Trials Centre (QSCTC)

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The UCL Institute of Neurology has now opened the Queen Square Clinical Trial Centre (QSCTC), which is located in the top floor of 7 Queen Square. The aim of the centre is to increase clinical trial activity in neuroscience by supporting and facilitating research and by linking with the newly established UCL Clinical Trials Unit (CTU), led by Dr Peter Brocklehurst /deputy director Sue Tebbs  and working closely with the Central East London (CEL) Comprehensive Local Research Network (CLRN), current neurological disorders lead, Professor Alan Thompson.

The QSCTC consists of a clinical lead (Dr Jeremy Chataway), senior trial co-ordinator (Dr Tahera Hussain) and statistician (Dr Zoe Fox). This core team is helped by a group of QS CTC Principal Investigator (PI) subject leads, R&D and Pharmacy representatives.

QSCTC core team

Dr Jeremy Chataway

Clinical lead – Dr Jeremy Chataway


Senior trial co-ordinator – Dr Tahera Hussain


Statistician – Dr Zoe Fox

QSCTC PI subject Leads

Stroke- Prof Martin Brown & Dr Dave Werring
Dementia- Dr Jonathan Schott, Dr Cath Mummery
Movement Disorders – Dr Tom Foltynie
Neuromuscular- Prof Mary Reilly
Surgery- Dr David Choi
Motorneurone disease - Dr Katie Sidle
Epilepsy- Prof Ley Sander
Prion diseases – Dr Simon Mead
Multiple Sclerosis – Dr Jeremy Chataway

Centre Activities

The role of the core team is to provide advice for all studies, including statistics, costing, CLRN queries, trial set up and management.  

The QSCTC is also very closely linked to the UCL Clinical Trials Unit as neuroscience is one of their main themes.  This unit was formed in 2010, to provide expertise to design, conduct, analyse and publish clinical trials, and other research.

Currently the core team and the QSCTC PI subject leads meet monthly to review any new studies, as well as discussing general centre management issues.  The core team have developed a specific one A4 page proforma to register clinical trials and natural history studies with the QSCTC, which captures basic information including design, primary outcome measures, funding and sponsorship. The proforma is to be completed during the outline stage for all new studies and presented by the appropriate QSCTC PI subject lead at the monthly meetings. This review process enables the group to preliminarily assess the study to provide feedback to the PI and to identify any areas the QSCTC can help with the study. This process also will help to identify studies suitable to put forward as potential studies to be adopted by the UCL CTU.

QSCTC Statistical support

The QSCTC can also provide statistical support to Institute of Neurology research projects. The following aspects are covered:

  • Study design and planning of statistical analysis
  • Sample size calculations
  • Descriptive and inferential statistics
  • Presentation and interpretation of statistical analysis results

To make an appointment please complete the Statistics meeting request form and return by e-mail to Dr Zoe Fox (telephone 0203 448 3555).

Research using MRI
Research including clinical trials that intend to use MRI/CT facilities must also complete an MRI research proforma. This is reviewed monthly by the MRI committee at the Lysholm Department of Neuroradiology at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery. The proforma should be completed at the research proposal stage with information regarding the study protocol, Imaging experience, number of patients and radiologists time.

The QSCTC core team have developed guidance on applying for CLRN funding for research carried out in neurosciences (for more information see link under Proformas). Nervous systems disorders is one of the 26 research areas of CELsection of the NIHR Comprehensive Clinical Research Network (CCRN). More information can also be found on the CLRN website (http://www.crncc.nihr.ac.uk/about_us/ccrn/celondon)

For general enquires regarding nervous systems Disorders CEL CLRN please contact Dr Benit Maru

QSCTC Trial co-ordinators Group

The QSCTC have set up a Trial co-ordinators Group and an inaugural meeting was held in Oct 2011. All trial co-ordinators or individuals with similar job descriptions in Queen Square are currently part of this forum and meet every 2-3 months. The main objective for establishing this group is for trial co-ordinators to share expertise and to discuss general issues regarding study management. If you are a trial co-ordinator at Queen Square and have not yet joined, please email QSCTC@ucl.ac.uk

The QSCTC have close liaisons with team members from the Joint Research Office (JRO) that help with ethic and R&D submissions, costing/finance and review for UCL/UCLH sponsorship for neuroscience studies.  Currently the core team have a database of all on-going active clinical trials in neurosciences and this is updated on a monthly basis. In the near future this list will be expanded to include all natural history studies.


(click on the highlighted text to download word documents)

1.    Clinical trial and natural history register (please complete electronically)
2.    MRI Research proposal (please complete and send to Leeza Almedom)
3.    Statistics meeting request form
4.    CLRN funding application guidance (PDF format)

General Enquiries

For further information on the Queen Square Clinical Trial Centre, in the first instance please email: QSCTC@ucl.ac.uk; Tel: 0203 448 3555

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