UCL Institute of Neurology


Remote Access (Institute of Neurology only)

 There are a number of ways to access your data when away from the Institute.

  1. Email. The LIVE@UCL service is available anywhere there is an internet connection:  http://outlook.com/live.ucl.ac.uk Remember your logon is in the form userID@ucl.ac.uk

  2. VPN.  If you need to access UCL online services such as MyView, FIS or you need to activate UCL software on a laptop, you can connect to UCL using the Secure VPN service.  There are more details and connection guides here: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/isd/services/get-connected/remote-working/vpn

  3. Remote Desktop.  If you need access to software or files which are located on your IoN desktop PC, you can connect via the UCL VPN and then run Microsoft Remote Desktop (from a PC or Mac).