UCL Institute of Neurology


Antivirus & Antispam

For Windows-based computers, we currently recommend F-Secure Anti-Virus, which is covered under a UCL site licence, is easy to install and is able to keep itself up-to-date without you having to intervene. You can download a copy from the UCL software database (you will need your UCL userID and password).  All IoN computers on the network will automatically have F-Secure installed when we set them up.

For Mac users, the antivirus program of choice is currently Sophos, again - covered by UCL site licence and downloadable from the UCL software database.

The licenses allow for the software to be used on UCL staff home computers too.  For the latest information and advice on anti-virus measures, please refer to the UCL Computer Security Team anti-virus page.

Additional anti-virus and anti-spam measures.

All messages are passed through filters at the UCL gateway which scan for viruses and/or spam.  Most (but not all) viruses are removed from messages before delivery.
Any messages which fail the 'spam test' are still delivered, but are marked as {SPAM?} in the message subject so they can easily be identified. You can create rules in your email client to filter these messages to your Junk folder if preferred.

More details on dealing with spam mail can be found here: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/isd/services/email-calendar/spam