Regulations for use of the Queen Square Library

These regulations cover the Queen Square Library, other libraries at UCL are covered by the UCL Library Services regulations.

General Library Use

  • Bottled water and covered drinks are permitted in most areas of the library.
  • No drinks (including covered drinks) are permitted when working at a library computer.
  • Eating is not permitted in the Library.
  • You must maintain quiet and good order in the Library. Library staff and users are entitled to be treated with respect and courtesy at all times. Please show consideration for other users of library services.
  • Study spaces may not be reserved, either in advance or by leaving belongings, which may be removed by Library staff.
  • Writing in or marking books and journals, removing pages, labels or any part of Library materials is not permitted.
  • Please help Library staff by re-shelving books and journals after use.
  • Use of archive materials and historical items may require the completion of additional forms, adherence to additional rules & regulations and archive handling practice. See our archives & rare books website.
  • Library users may be barred from using all Library facilities at the discretion of the Director of the Institute of Neurology.


Free reference access is available to visitors who can show a need to use the specialised collections.  All external visitors must sign the visitors book and provide proof of identity.

Borrowing access is available to all UCLH staff and UCL staff & students, and to staff from NHS Trusts covered by formal agreements [see Note 1 below].

Full access to all services is available to all IoN staff and students & NHNN staff, whose stay is longer than four weeks. For full details of who can register, please see our list of who can register with the library.

To register, users must produce a valid ID card from UCL or UCLH, or from one of the NHS Trusts & other organisations covered by Note 1 below.

ID cards must be available for inspection at all times & for borrowing.

The Library opening hours are advertised on the website; please note that the opening hours may occasionally vary and changes will be advertised on the website.

Loans policy

Library materials may not be removed from the Library unless formally issued or a member of Library staff has given permission.

Library materials may not be removed from the UK unless a member of Library staff has given permission.

Books & Book Series

  • Standard books and book series: may be borrowed for four weeks. 
  • Short Loan books: (red stripe) may be borrowed for one week.
  • Overnight loan books: may be borrowed after 5pm and must be returned by 10am on the next working day.
  • Quick Reference collection: for reference only.
  • Historical Collection: for reference only.
  • Reprints in the student reading list collections: for reference only.
  • Any item in demand or requested by another reader may be recalled after 1 week and cannot be renewed.


  • Non-current journals: may be borrowed by IoN and NHNN staff only, but must be returned within one hour.
  • Current issues: may not be borrowed.
  • Permission may be given for a longer loan period in some circumstances.

Lost and Damaged Items

Borrowers undertake full responsibility for all library items on loan to them. In cases of loss or damage, the borrower must pay for the full replacement cost of the item. For items that are no longer in print and are therefore unavailable for replacement, a standard charge is made [see Note 2 below].

Inter-Library Loans

Inter-Library loans are only available to IoN staff and students and NHNN staff. A charge [see note 2 below] will be made for each item.

Electronic access to databases and journals

Computers providing access to databases, electronic journals & other Library resources are available to IoN and NHNN staff and students, who may be issued with passwords where necessary and permitted under the terms of suppliers license agreements. Visitors may use these facilities, but cannot be issued with passwords. There is a charge [see Note 2 below] for printing in the library.

Computing facilities in the Library are to be used for access to databases, electronic journals and other library resources. Access to E-mail & word processing facilities is only available to registered account holders using the UCLH network.

Photocopying & Printing

A photocopier and laser printer are available in the library, and a charge is made to use these facilities [see note 2 below].  Users must comply with copyright regulations, details of which are displayed next to the photocopier and computer terminals.

Breaches of Library Regulations

If you breach Library Regulations or fail to comply with the terms of a penalty, the following action will be taken:

  • UCL students: You will be reported to the Dean of Students, and your enrolment or results may be withheld.
  • UCL and UCLH staff: You will be reported to your Head of Department.
  • External users: You will be excluded from the Library and if appropriate, reported to the Director of the institution of which you are a member.


  1. Details of who can register with the library:
  2. Details of current charges:

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