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Search for books, journals and other library materials held in the Queen Square Library using UCL's Explore service.

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Top tip: restrict your search to the Library catalogue when searching for books

New to Explore? Here are our top tips:

  • Restrict your search to the Library catalogue when searching for books.
  • When entering your search terms, the author’s surname and a couple of words from the title often works best.
  • When you have identified the item you want, click Locations to see all the UCL libraries where it is available and to check availability and shelf locations.
  • Use the Filters on the left hand side to focus on a particular type of item (e.g. books) or a particular library (e.g. the Queen Square Library is listed as Neurology).
  • You DO NOT need to sign in just to search.
  • You DO need to sign in to view your loans, renew items and place reservations.
  • More extensive Explore help is available online.
  • Please contact the library if you need any assistance

How to sign in

Remember that you do not need to sign in to search, only to view your library account. Use the library barcode (from the back of your ID card) and your PIN to sign in. You can change your PIN if needed.

UCL staff and students: your default PIN is the day and month of your birthdate (e.g. if your birthdate is 23 July, your PIN is 2307). You may choose a different PIN if you prefer. If you need help locating your barcode and PIN, please ask library staff.

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