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MRCP PACES Course in Neurology & Ophthalmology Queen Square

Turn Neurology & Ophthalmology from a weakness into a strength

The Queen Square PACES revision course has run continuously since 1995. Since its foundation the unique strengths of the course have resulted in long waiting lists, so booking early is recommended. Carefully tailored to the PACES exam, the course will help you turn Neurology & Ophthalmology from a weakness to an asset in PACES. The unique features that make this the definitive Neurology & Ophthalmology course for PACES include: 

Held at one of the world’s leading Neurology centres the course is taught primarily by Consultant Neurologists & Ophthalmologists from the National Hospital

Based in the National Hospital, we draw on the widest possible range of cases that is invaluable to avoid surprises in PACES.

Feedback since 1995 has been superb and has enabled us to continuously improve the course.

Lectures that give you the definitive Peripheral and Central Nervous System examinations

This course therefore gives you experience in Neurology & Ophthalmology for PACES that is available nowhere else. In addition, it will also give you:

  • Experience under exam conditions.
  • The popularity of this course means people often have to travel and we can help with this, for example we have arrangements with local hotels (information available upon booking your place on the course)

To view the Timetable and booking information for the next course on Saturday 2nd June 2018 please visit the course page


Where better to learn about Brown-Sequard Syndrome than at a Hospital at which Dr C.E. Brown-Sequard taught?