UCL Institute of Neurology


MSc in Clinical Neuroscience (TMSIONSCLN01)


UCL Institute of Neurology

Programme Conveners

Professor Tom Warner & Dr Caroline Selai

Duration of Programme

One calendar year full time

Programme Aims

The course, which is aimed at those pursuing a professional career in neuroscience, gives training in the sciences underpinning the structure and function of the nervous system and brain. It provides training in basic scientific principles of modern neuroscience as well as the application of those principles to a wide range of neurological disorders.


The lecture course (September to March) currently includes the following topics:
Genetics of CNS disorders; Brain Metabolism, neurotransmitters & neurodegeneration; Autoimmune Disease and Repair Mechanisms; Peripheral Nerve and Muscle; Neurotransmitters; Epilepsy; Nociception and Pain; Motor Control; Basal ganglia/movement disorders; Hearing, balance, vision and eye-movements; Stroke and head injury; Cognition; Dementia.

  1. Cellular and Molecular mechanisms of disease (15 credits) - CLNEG021
  2. Epilepsy, Pain, Tumours & Infections of the Central Nervous System (15 credits) - CLNEG020
  3. Peripheral Nerve, Muscle and Special Senses (15 credits) - CLNEG019
  4. Motor Systems & Disease (15 credits) - CLNEG018
  5. Higher Functions of the Brain (15 credits) - CLNEG017
  6. Research Methods and Introduction to Statistics (15 credits) - CLNEG023
  7. Library Project (30 credits) - CLNEG022
  8. Research Project (60 credits) - CLNEG098


Cellular and Molecular mechanisms of disease: CLNEG021 Unseen examination, short answer format
Epilepsy, Pain, Tumours & Infections of the Central Nervous System: CLNEG020 3000 word essay
Peripheral Nerve, Muscle and Special Senses: CLNEG019 Unseen examination, MCQ format
Motor Systems & Disease: CLNEG018 Unseen examination, essay format
Higher Functions of the Brain: CLNEG017 3000 word essay
Research Methods and Introduction to Statistics: CLNEG023 Unseen examination, essay format with questions on critical appraisal and statistics
Library Project: CLNEG022 5000 word library project
Research Project: CLNEG098 10,000 word dissertation
Students will have to obtain 180 MLevel credits to be awarded the MSc degree.

Entry Requirements

First or upper second class (2:1) Honours degree in neuroscience or related biological science (e.g. physiology, psychology, pharmacology, biochemistry); or a medical degree from a UK University, or an overseas qualification of an equivalent standard.

English Language requirement

To be admitted onto this course you must provide recent evidence that your spoken and written command of the English language is at the required level. You must achieve at least a standard level of proficiency on the IELTS English language test or an acceptable equivalent. For more information please visit UCL's English language requirement page

Closing date for applications: 28th July 2017

Contact: ion.educationunit@ucl.ac.uk