UCL Institute of Neurology


MSc Clinical Neurology (TMSIONSCNL06)


UCL Institute of Neurology

Programme Convener

Professor Simon Shorvon & Dr Caroline Selai

Duration of Programme

One calendar year full time

Programme Aims

Students should obtain clinical competence in history taking/examination, diagnosis, investigation and formulation of management plan and therapeutics in common neurological areas/disorders; a working knowledge of the scientific basis of common neurological disorders/areas; awareness of major recent developments in research in these areas of clinical neuroscience; experience in preparing and writing a research dissertation.


The lecture course (September to March) currently includes the following topics:
Genetics of CNS disorders; Brain Metabolism, neurotransmitters & neurodegeneration; Autoimmune Disease and Repair Mechanisms; Peripheral Nerve and Muscle; Neurotransmitters; Epilepsy; Nociception and Pain; Motor Control; Basal ganglia/movement disorders; Hearing, balance, vision and eye-movements; Stroke and head injury; Cognition; Dementia.

Lectures are supported by case presentations, bedside teaching, and research training sessions; a series of seminars on clinical topics, and attendance at clinical activities on site (i.e. teaching rounds, clinical conferences, outpatient clinics). During the latter part of the course students undertake a research project (Jan/Feb onwards), as well as a specialist attachment in a clinical firm (April onwards).

  1. Diseases of the Nervous System: Epilepsy, Pain, Tumours & Infection (15 credits) - CLNEG020
  2. Peripheral Nerve, Muscle and Special Senses (15 credits) - CLNEG019
  3. Motor Systems & Disease (15 credits) - CLNEG018
  4. Higher Functions of the Brain (15 credits) - CLNEG017
  5. Practical Neurology (30 credits) - CLNEG011
  6. Theoretical Neurology (30 credits) - CLNEG006
  7. Research Project (60 credits)- CLNEG098

Students will have to obtain 180 MLevel credits to be awarded the MSc degree.


Diseases of the Nervous System: Epilepsy, Pain, Tumours & Infection CLNEG020; Peripheral Nerve, Muscle and Special Senses CLNEG019; Higher Functions of the Brain CLNEG017 one 3,000 word assignment per module.
Motor Systems & Disease: CLNEG018 2 hour unseen exam
Practical Neurology: CLNEG011 ‘Short Case’ Clinical examinations and unseen clinical scenarios
Theoretical Neurology: CLNEG006 Unseen examination
Research Project: CLNEG098 10,000 word dissertation and oral examination

Entry Requirements

Medical qualifications (graduate medical degree), at least 2 years postgraduate experience in clinical medicine, registration with the GMC (or equivalent national authority for overseas students), and at least 6 months previous clinical experience in clinical neurology.

English Language requirement

To be admitted onto this course you must provide recent evidence that your spoken and written command of the English language is at the required level. You must achieve at least a standard level of proficiency on the IELTS English language test or an acceptable equivalent. For more information please visit here

Closing date for applications: 29th July 2016
Contact: ion.educationunit@ucl.ac.uk

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