UCL Institute of Neurology


MSc Clinical Neurology (TMSIONSCNL06)

Programme Conveners

Dr Caroline Selai & Dr Alex Leff

Duration of Programme

One calendar year full time

Programme Aims

Students should obtain clinical competence in history taking/examination, diagnosis, investigation and formulation of management plan and therapeutics in common neurological areas/disorders; a working knowledge of the scientific basis of common neurological disorders/areas; awareness of major recent developments in research in these areas of clinical neuroscience; experience in preparing and writing a research dissertation.

Lectures are supported by case presentations, bedside teaching, and research training sessions; a series of seminars on clinical topics, and attendance at clinical activities on site (i.e. teaching rounds, clinical conferences, outpatient clinics). During the latter part of the course students undertake a research project (Jan/Feb onwards), as well as a specialist attachment in a clinical firm (April onwards).

For information on clinical training within the NHS please refer to:

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Key Information

Tuition Fees (2016/17)
£12,840 (FT)
£24,400 (FT)
Optional qualifications: This degree is also available as a PG Diploma with fees set accordingly.

Medical qualifications (graduate medical degree), at least 2 years postgraduate experience in clinical medicine, registration with the GMC (or equivalent national authority for overseas students), and at least 6 months previous clinical experience in clinical neurology.

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