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UCL Diploma in Clinical Neurology via Distance Learning FAQs

How to apply?

All applicants must have completed a UCL application form. To make an application please visit http://www.ucl.ac.uk/prospective-students/graduate-study/application-admission/apply-online/

Please note, due to the limitations of the online application form for study at UCL you will be asked to accept a Sept 2016 start date for this programme if you apply online, even if you would like to start it sooner. We will amend your start date manually once an offer has been made.
Students can start this course at three entry points during the academic year (September, January and April).

Applications are accepted at any time throughout the year, as the course has a flexible structure. The candidate can start the course at any of the three entry points within the academic year.

Entry requirements
(a) The candidates must be medically qualified.

(b) The candidates also must meet the UCL Standard English language proficiency requirements (eg. IELTS 6.5 or above overall and minimum of 6.0 in each subset) Further details please visit UCL's language requirement page

How do I complete the application form online?

Once on the UCL Application web page follow the instructions, reading the checklist carefully and then pressing the submit button.

On the search programmes page please enter PG Dip Clinical Neurology by Distance Learning in the enter key words section (department: Institute of Neurology). Click search now and select the apply now button when the course is displayed.

On the Online Application Form Login Page select new user and complete the information requested. When you have completed this information you will be taken to the online form. Please complete this form filling in all the required fields. All fields that have a star next to them must be completed. Please make sure to complete the application form carefully, making sure to provide the correct e-mail addresses for your two referees. Once the application form has been completed you will be asked to upload your documents (supporting statement and a certified copy of your degree certificate).  

When can I apply?

You can apply for this course at any time throughout the year, and there is no deadline by which you must have submitted an application.

How much does to course cost?

The whole course will cost £5,725

Students on this programme should all pay £5,725 in the first year which can be paid in one or two instalments, depending on when you enrol. This fee covers the entire programme therefore you will not pay fees for any further years of study. However,  any fees incurred for sitting exams in UCL approved centres will be met by the student. These will typically be £80 per exam (8 exams in total). Structured case reviews will be assessed via Skype.

How do I enrol?

Upon receiving an Unconditional offer to study at UCL you will receive an e-mail with pre-enrolment instructions. To fully enrol you will need to send the photo page of your passport to the Course Administrator, Anna Foakes a.foakes@ucl.ac.uk who will liaise with colleagues at UCL and process your enrolment.

How long will the course take to complete?

The course is entirely flexible and can be tailored to individual requirements, and can be completed between 12 months to 36 months. We expect it usually to be completed in 18 months.

Is there any difference in accreditation or international recognition for the UCL Distance Learning Diploma in Clinical Neurology and your other Diploma/MSc programs? 

Both of our Diploma courses are awarded by UCL, as such there is no difference in accreditation or international recognition between the two.

Is it possible to study the MSc in Clinical Neurology after UCL Distance Learning Diploma in Clinical Neurology?  

This is not possible at present. The distance learning diploma is a stand alone programme. If you wish to progress to an MSc, the face-to-face Diploma would be the option to take.

Can this course be taken as part of your Neurology training program?

All of our courses are academic. Some national regulatory bodies may recognise this course as part of a trainees specialist training, but the course is not intended for this purpose, and you would have to find out from your home authorities whether completion of a UK higher degree would assist you in this way.

Does the UCL Distance Learning Diploma in Clinical Neurology qualify the candidate for Neurology specialisation?

As above, the course is an academic programme. It depends on your own country’s governing structures whether completion of a higher degree permits you to cite this as a speciality. You would not be able to do so in the UK; as only specialist training within the NHS leads to that status.

What textbooks would you recommend?

Neurology: A Queen Square Textbook by Charles Clarke, Robin Howard, Martin Rossor, and Simon D. Shorvon. All students enrolled on this course will receive free access to a PDF copy of this book through the UCL Library system. You will need to have a valid UCL username and password to access this.