Dr M. Davare

Human hand function

Lab Head: Dr. Marco Davare


m.davare [at] ucl.ac.uk

The hand is the principal organ through which we interact with our environment. Skilled hand function is essential for most aspects of our daily life; it is crucial for our technology, communication and social interactions.

My main interest is to understand how the brain integrates multiple sensory sources to control hand movements.


Previous studies provided a picture of distinct cortical areas distributed within the parieto-frontal network that are necessary to control skilled hand movements. However, the nature and timing of the interactions between these areas, namely AIP, PMv and the primary motor cortex (M1), during visually-guided grasping movements are critical issues that still remained unanswered. Investigating the connectivity between these areas is important because it allows us to shed light on how visual information about the object properties is transferred from one area to another and finally transformed into a precise motor command.

In Prof. Roger Lemon's lab, the exposure to single unit studies of premotor-motor interactions during hand grip in non-human primates led me to pioneer new methods to investigate cortico-cortical connectivity during hand actions. I developed a novel paired-pulse TMS paradigm that opened up the possibility of testing these cortico-cortical interactions in humans.

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