Standing Projects

Cerebellar ataxia

Bunn, L.M., Marsden, J.F., Giunti, P., Day, B.L. (2012).  Stance instability in spinocerebellar ataxia type 6.  Movement Disorders [in press]

Vestibular control of standing

  • Vestibular processes

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  • Cognitive inputs

Guerraz, M., Day, B. L. (2005). Expectation and the vestibular control of balance. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 17(3), 463-469

  • Interaction with load

Marsden, J. F., Blakey, G., Day, B. L. (2003). Modulation of human vestibular-evoked postural responses by alterations in load. The Journal of Physiology 548(3), 949-953

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  • Interaction with vision

Day, B. L., Guerraz, M. (2007). Feedforward versus feedback modulation of human vestibular-evoked balance responses by visual self-motion information. The Journal of Physiology 582(1), 153-161

  • Interaction with proprioception

Day, B. L., Cole, J. (2002). Vestibular-evoked postural responses in the absence of somatosensory information. Brain 125(9), 2081-2088

  • Impact of stroke

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  • Parkinson's disease

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Orthostatic tremor

Fung, V. S., Sauner, D., Day, B. L. (2001). A dissociation between subjective and objective unsteadiness in primary orthostatic tremor. Brain 124(2), 322-330

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