Cognitive Neurology

Lead: Professor Masud Husain


Disorders of perception, attention and action control are common in many neurological disorders. The research focus of this Group is the investigation and development of treatments for such deficits. By combining new behavioural methods to measure such impairments, with neuroimaging and neuropharmacological techniques, novel therapeutic strategies are being developed for cognitive disorders, particularly following stroke. In the UK, more than a quarter of the population aged over 45 will suffer a stroke. Many patients (more than 70%) are left with visual, cognitive and motor deficits, and there is a huge unmet need for treatments for these conditions. Basic research in cognitive neuroscience and motor control now provides a theoretical framework to attempt translation of laboratory findings effectively into the clinical arena. We work in both the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and the Institute of Neurology. Our interest is to apply new scientific findings to improve current understanding and treatment in these fields.

Current projects

Visual neglect and inattention following stroke

Prof Masud Husain

Visual deficits following stroke are common. Failure to explore one side of space is particularly disabling. If it endures, such hemispatial neglect is associated with a poor prognosis for functional independence. We have developed a theoretical framework for understanding the cognitive deficits that contribute to the neglect syndrome, and begun exploratory treatment studies.


For example, our investigations have revealed that many patients with visual neglect fail to keep track of spatial locations across eye movements, often re-fixating (revisiting) locations they have already explored. Such findings led to the discovery that some neglect patients have a limited capacity to maintain spatial information, even for items presented in a vertical array.

Other patients with neglect have impairments in the ability to sustain attention over time, even for items presented at the centre of the visual field. Our recent investigation with guanfacine, an alpha-2 noradrenergic drug, demonstrates that some stroke patients with neglect may show significant improvements in both their sustained attention and spatial deficits following administration of the drug. However, this may depend upon the integrity of prefrontal brain regions following stroke.

New studies are examining the interaction of spatial and sustained attention, as well as encoding of visual salience in the neglect syndrome. In addition, we hope to explore the effects of dopaminergic treatment in the condition.

To learn more about visual neglect and inattention following stroke click here.

The role of medial prefrontal cortex in cognition and action

Prof Masud Husain

Recent research into medial prefrontal cortex suggests it plays a criticalrole in the control of behaviour. Our studies have examined the deficits of patients with damage to this region, as well as investigating the role played by subregions within medialfrontal cortex in healthy individuals using functional

imaging. For example, the pre-SMA (pre-supplementary motor area) appears to be crucial for switching from one ongoing action plan to another. This area has also been linked to the movement deficits that may occur in patients with Parkinson’s disease.

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Information for Patients

If you have visual neglect or inattention following stroke and would like to participate in our research, please write to:

Professor Masud Husain
National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery
Queen Square
London WC1N 3BG

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Research Team

Professor of Clinical Neurology & Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow in Clinical Science

  • Masud Husain

Research Fellows

  • Dr Paul Bays
  • Dr Elizabeth Coulthard
  • Dr Victoria Singh-Curry
  • Richard Roberts
  • Albert Hoang (visiting)
  • Dr Robert Adam

Teaching Activity


MD/PhD supervision

  • Prof Masud Husain
  • Dr Elizabeth Coulthard (PhD)
  • Dr Victoria Singh-Curry (PhD)
  • Richard (Ed) Roberts (Imperial) (PhD)
  • Dr Robert Adam (PhD)

Postgraduate teaching

Prof Masud Husain - MSc Clinical Neuroscience course

Selected Publications

For full list visit: the ICN Publications web site

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