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Archive of Queen Square Courses

Stroke One Day Course : Advanced Stroke Neuroimaging - 8th Nov 2017

Start: Nov 8, 2017 9:00:00 AM
End: Nov 8, 2017 5:00:00 PM

This short course offered by the world leading UCL Institute of Neurology in Queen Square gives an overview of the neuroimaging of stroke and mechanical thrombectomy.

This course will outline methods of quantifying the impact of the stroke using advanced imaging techniques– from penumbral and core infarct size through to methods of imaging recovery from stroke.

It will also cover the more familiar aspects of imaging stroke such as using CT and MRI based modalities to evaluate infarcts and haemorrhages. There is an introduction to the benefits and applications of mechanical thrombectomy.

Neuromuscular Disease short courses 2017-18

Start: Nov 17, 2017 9:00:00 AM
End: Mar 2, 2018 5:00:00 PM

After the successful launch of our MSc course in Neuromuscular Diseases we are now offering a series of short courses to professionals interested in further education in neuromuscular diseases.