Domain Chair:

Prof. Trevor Smart

Domain Coordinator:

Dr Matt Wakelin

Communication and Events Officer:

Rachel Heatley


Seminars & Events

3 February, 2017Among the Colours
27 February, 2017ICN Seminar Series: Split brain: divided perception but undivided consciousness
1 March, 2017Homeless & Inclusion Health 2017: Annual International Symposium - FREE Live Streamed Conference
2 March, 2017NCN - How to Make the Most of Student Projects
2 March, 2017UCL/Grand Challenge of Global Health Meeting on Global Mental Health
6 March, 2017ICN Seminar Series: It’s all in your head: How we construct the sensation of pain
6 March, 2017“Chasing men on fire: sodium channels from the squid toward the clinic”.
7 March, 2017 A Career in Science: challenges and successes
8 March, 2017Accelerating Access to Personalised Medicine
8 March, 2017Courage and vulnerability at work
8 March, 2017MRC Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases and Dubowitz Neuromuscular Centre – Seminar
8 March, 2017NPP Seminar: Brain mechanisms underlying appetite
9 March, 2017Queen Square MC Centre Seminar Series: Sensitivity of resting state fMRI to Multiple Sclerosis pathology
10 March, 2017Brain Meeting: On the role of alpha and gamma activity for routing and prioritizing information processing
10 March, 2017For services to psycho-oncology, psycho-what?
10 March, 2017Rewired: the Brain, Art, and Innovation
13 March, 2017ICN Seminar Series: Neural mechanisms of decision-making in social contexts
14 March, 2017ALS Seminar: From flies to humans: novel insights into ALS pathogenesis
15 March, 2017MRC Prion Unit Departmental Seminar - Title tbc
15 March, 2017NPP Seminar: Cerebellar contributions to coordinated locomotion in mice
17 March, 2017Brain Meeting
17 March, 2017Educational Neuroscience: Current Progress and Future Challenges
17 March, 2017Towards novel therapeutics strategies for childhood neurological diseases
24 March, 2017Brain Meeting
24 March, 2017Tricks of the trade: ideas for generating interdisciplinary research
27 March, 2017BBSRC Showcase
29 March, 2017Neurology 2017: Preparing for the Speciality Certificate Exam
29 March, 2017“Neuromuscular disorder genetics: what is the best that we can do?”
30 March, 2017Neurology 2017: Leading Edge Neurology for the Practising Clinician
31 March, 2017Brain Meeting
7 April, 2017Brain Meeting
10 April, 2017MRC Centre For Neuromuscular Diseases Seminar Series
11 April, 2017ALS Seminar: title tbc
21 April, 2017Brain Meeting
28 April, 2017Brain Meeting
28 April, 2017UCL School of Pharmacy: Title TBC
3 May, 2017A Celebration of the Life and Work of Professor Brian Neville
5 May, 2017Brain Meeting
12 May, 2017Batten disease
17 May, 2017IMN Seminar Series: ‘Shedding light on the brainstem control of locomotion’
19 May, 2017Brain Meeting
25 May, 2017MRC Centre For Neuromuscular Diseases Seminar Series
26 May, 2017Brain Meeting
2 June, 2017Brain Meeting
7 June, 2017IMN Seminar Series: Title TBC
9 June, 2017Brain Meeting
13 June, 2017ALS Seminar: Should we target spinal microcircuits to treat ALS?
16 June, 20172017 UCL Neuroscience Symposium
28 June, 2017IMN Seminar Series: Title TBC
5 July, 2017IMN Seminar Series: Title TBC
10 July, 2017MRC Centre For Neuromuscular Diseases Seminar Series
9 October, 2017MRC Centre For Neuromuscular Diseases Seminar Series