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Listening to the voices of people with communication disability in Twitter

Start: Oct 11, 2017 01:00 PM
End: Oct 11, 2017 02:00 PM

Location: Room G20, 55–59 Gordon Square, UCL, London WC1H 0NU

Welcome to Twitter screen

Twitter ‘levels the playing field’ in that all Twitter users are limited to the number of words that can be used in each tweet, and face similar barriers to and benefits of using short messages to communicate in online publics.

For people with communication disability, obtaining access to Twitter can support their communication with a much larger audience, and also increase their access to information online.

People with health conditions associated with communication disability are typically excluded from health and social research owing to their difficulties communicating by speech. Twitter data and networks offer one way for increasing the participation of people with communication disability in research.

In this seminar, Associate Professor Bronwyn Hemsley will present the results of her team’s work on the use of Twitter by people with motor neurone disease, cerebral palsy, and traumatic brain injury. Strategies that groups such as support associations and speech language therapists might consider to increase engagement will also be discussed.

About the speaker

Dr Bronwyn Hemsley is an Associate Professor in speech pathology at The University of Newcastle, Australia, with a research and clinical interest in Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Dysphagia, and the use of Information Communication Technology. She is also an Honorary Visiting Senior Research Associate at UCL Institute of Education EPPI-Centre in 2017.

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