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IOE at the UCL Festival of Culture

Start: Jun 05, 2017 10:00 AM
End: Jun 10, 2017 07:00 PM

UCL Festival of Culture 2017

The UCL Festival of Culture, comprising talks, workshops and exhibitions, is set to challenge your thinking and offer new ways of understanding our world. UCL Institute of Education (IOE) experts will be leading a number of this year's events.

Our events at the Festival of Culture demonstrate the breadth of our expertise: one session explores the notion of Fundamental British Values, while another looks at bilingual language development in children.

Colleagues analyse patterns in the work of world-leading writers, discuss the benefits of reading for pleasure, and look at how touch technologies will influence how we communicate and learn. Our panel discussion on the anatomy of festivals and their historical ties to community, conviviality and sociality is particularly exciting, as it delves into the backlash against our ‘experience economy’.

All of the events featured below are free of charge and open to all, however all require advance registration.

Date and time
Monday 5 June
Senses of the self
Have you ever wondered why some of us love the smell of cut grass, or hate the taste of Marmite?
Monday 5 June
Growing up global
How are young people in Britain are responding to the rapid changes that are taking place in British society?
Monday 5 June
The anatomy of festivals
Discover the anatomy of festivals and their historical ties to community, conviviality and sociality.
Monday 5 June
Fundamental British Values
Discussing the idea, practice and impact of Fundamental British Values.
Monday 5 June
Reading for pleasure
The positive influence of reading for pleasure on learning during the teenage years into mid-life.
Tuesday 6 June
Grammar schools in historical perspective
The historical meanings of grammar schools and key debates over selective education.
Wednesday 7 June
The story of an Englishman in Auschwitz
Learn about Leon’s extraordinary life, his activism and his struggle to ‘survive survival’.
Wednesday 7 June
Touch matters
Digital technologies are reshaping what and how we touch.
Wednesday 7 June
Are you more of a 'science person' than you think?
‘What is science capital? How much do you have? And why does it matter?
Wednesday 7 June
Playing with the language of maths through coding
Maths is difficult in part because of the language in which it is expressed - but can we change that?
Thursday 8 June
Artificial Intelligence in the classroom
Find out about Artificial Intelligence and its potential impact on society.
Thursday 8 June
How writing works
Exploring the writing process from multidisciplinary perspectives.
Thursday 8 June
Exploring science in everyday life
Are you curious about the natural world?
Friday 9 June
Exploring multilingualism in London
Discover the main aspects of bilingual language development in children.
Saturday 10 June
Playing Beowulf
We've seen books and comics turned into films and plays, and vice versa, but what about a poem becoming a video game?

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