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The UK’s largest Higher Education centre for research, development and teaching in educational leadership, innovation and impact.

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Interim Director: Dr Trevor Male

We have over 50 members of staff offering expertise across a range of leadership fields.

Partnership, public engagement and impact

We have a strong commitment to partnership, public engagement and impact in all that we do and we are pleased to lead IOE-wide initiatives in this area such as the IOE Research and Development Network.


  • Develop criticality: build evidence-based, theory-informed and innovative approaches to policy and practice.
  • Deepen learning: broaden perspectives and forge connections between theory, policy and practice.
  • Nurture collaboration: encourage shared thinking within and between communities of learners.
  • Activate knowledge: develop and mobilise knowledge and understanding within organisations and systems.
  • Enhance equity: promote understanding about, and action around, equity and social justice.
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