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UCL helps to usher in the ‘Future of Surgery’

The presence of robots, 3D printing, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and regenerative medicine in our operating theatres is no longer the preserve of science fiction novels but an increasing clinical reality.

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WEISS showcases its latest research

 On 6 September, WEISS researchers put on a fascinating array of research demonstrations. From augmented reality goggles to guide laparoscopic surgery to haptic robots, here are some snapshots of the day. 

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Shedding light on liver surgery with photoacoustics

A £493,957 Cancer Research UK grant awarded to Professor Paul Beard, Prof Brian Davidson and colleagues has the potential to boost outcomes for liver cancer surgery. Their research will develop a pioneering new imaging technique, known as photoacoustic imaging (PAI), for use in laparoscopic liver surgery for the first time. The heightened image contrast provided by PAI should make the site and extent of the cancers easier for surgeons to detect and guide their surgical excision.

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WEISS Away Day: launching the centre's new platforms

On 18 July, the WEISS community came together for an action-packed Away Day. Hosted at the Royal Society, the location was a fitting backdrop for celebrating scientific discovery, innovation, and collaboration.

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GIFT-Grab: facilitating advanced clinical imaging

Medical imaging has developed substantially in the last centuries from scantily recognisable finger bones in early X-Rays to miniaturised flexible endoscopes. The impressive progress in this field has produced today’s cutting-edge data analysis and image processing software. Yet even as we speak, the potential of these new technologies is not fully exploited for clinical imaging methods that rely on real-time video streams from medical devices such as endoscopes.

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Introduction to Medical Device Regulation workshop

We have received EPSRC Training Funds to run a two day workshop this year providing an “Introduction to Medical Device Regulation” for students working within the WEISS Centre or other medical device development projects across the university. 

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GIFT-Surg Symposium & RSG in Leuven

This month GIFT-Surg staff and students came together at KU Leuven to host a symposium on “Recent Developments in Assistive Technology for Fetal Therapy and Surgery” to mark 3 and half years of the project.

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