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Published: Jul 21, 2016 5:51:00 PM

Transnational Slade

Transnational Slade: mapping the diaspora of an art school (Pakistan/Sudan) (£4,932)

Dr Amina Yaquin, Department of Urdu Literature and founding member of Centre for the Study of Contemporary Pakistan, SOAS

Dr Tania Tribe, expert on diaspora studies, Department of Art History, SOAS

Dr Caroline Bressey Lecturer in Geography, UCL and PI on the AHRC funded project Drawing Across the Colour Line

David Beavan, Research Manager, Centre for Digital Humanities

Liz Bruchet, Research Assistant, Slade Archive Project

Susan Collins, Professor of Fine Art, Slade Director, PI on Slade Archive Project

Brighid Lowe, Lecturer, Fine Art Media, Slade School of Fine Art, member of the Slade Archive Project: film history

This project will address current themes within GCII: Transnational History and Migration, by expanding our knowledge of the work artists and Slade alumni, Ibrahim El Salahi (b. 1932 Sudan) and Khalid Iqbal (1929-2012 Pakistan), through new research, digitization and publication of materials held in the Slade Archive and related archives, and the solicitation of new information and accounts gathered through crowdsourcing.

Iqbal studied at the Slade between 1952-1955 and El Salahi between 1956-1959 and both then went on to pioneering roles in the development of art and art education in their respective countries, an aspect of the international impact of the Slade that has yet to be mapped. Influenced by Slade Professor William Coldstream, Iqbal went on to be a founder of the Dept of Fine Art, Punjab University, in Lahore, Pakistan. He is considered a pioneer of a popular realist tradition in Pakistan.

El Salahi founded the Khartoum School of art, he is a pioneer of ‘calligraphic modernism’ in Sudan, belatedly recognised in the US in a touring retrospective exhibition ‘A Visionary Modernist’, curated by the art historian Salah Hassan (Cornell University) to be shown at Tate Modern (July-Sept 2013).

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