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Approximate geographic sampling location of donor (circles) and recipient (diamonds) populations analyzed.

Complex genetic ancestry of Americans uncovered

Published: Mar 24, 2015 5:01:13 PM

A UCL Civilisations Network?

5pm-7pm, Wednesday, 2 November 2011
UCL Civilisations Town Meeting
Roberts G06 Sir Ambrose Fleming Lecture Theatre

Civilisations constitute important counters in the global play of politics and warfare in the twenty-first century. Nations and other communities (religious, political, ethnic) find their identity and their legitimacy in a perceived continuity with ancient civilisations. Hierarchies of civilisations are matched onto modern cultures to justify confrontation and domination. Modern invasions are still propelled by ‘civilising’ missions. But what defines civilisations (in terms of culture, technology, science, political systems & social relations)? What are the causes of their formation, development, durability and decay? How should the concept of ‘civilisation’ be reconceived better to understand and challenge the role it is being made to play in the modern, post-colonial world?

  • Maria Wyke (UCL Greek and Latin) is leading a bid to create a Dynamics of Civilisations Centre at UCL.  Please contact Michael Reade if you have an interest in civilisations research

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