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EPIFEMPRO – Cancer Risk Prediction

EpiFemPro (Epigenetics for Female Malignancies – Prediction of Risk programme) is focused on the discovery of epigenetic biomarkers that determine a women’s risk to develop a women specific cancer. This entails the collection of easily accessible, non-cancerous cells from several distinct tissue types in the body including cervical cells, buccal cells, and blood samples from which serum and distinct white blood cell types will be derived. Importantly, this collection will be from women without known genetic mutations unlike our sister programme, ‘EPIFEMGEN’ which will include women at genetic predisposition for cancer.

EPIFEMPRO strategy
In order to better understand cancer predisposition in women without genetic mutations, EPIFEMPRO will entail the collection and epigenetic analysis of distinct and easily accessible tissue types from cancer free women. It is envisaged that Epigenetic 'signatures' (collections of epigenetic features) will be discovered and will predict those women who develop a women specific cancer in the future, laying the foundation for the development of non-invasive tests for cancer risk prediction.

We simply need to know: what puts a woman at increased risk of women specific cancers, apart from her genes? As up to 90% of these cancers are thought to be caused by factors other than genetic predisposition including the environment.

The EpiFemPro progamme is ultimately seeking to save lives by understanding of how women specific cancers develop and how the risk to develop these cancers can be predicted and eventually be prevented.

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