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How should we choose the 'best' embryo?

Joyce Harper commissioned a joint paper between the British Fertility Society and the Association of Clinical Embryologists on Embryo Selection which was published November 2015.  Read more...

The BRCA Protect research clinic opens

The Eve Appeal has launched a new research clinic at University College London Hospital (UCLH) with the aim to develop interventions with the potential to revolutionise the lives of women with a genetic mutation; leading to improvements in predicting the risk for and prevention of developing ovarian and breast cancer in the UK.
Martin Widschwendter (IfWH, Women's Cancer) together with his team aim to recruit 1,500 women with BRCA mutations and 3,000 without mutations. “We need to understand what happens before the cancer develops,” he said.

Woman of Achievement Award 2015 in Healthcare category

Congratulations to Professor Judith Stephenson for winning the prestigious Woman of Achievement Award 2015 in Healthcare category. The overarching aim of the Women in the City Woman of Achievement Award is to highlight and formally recognise the outstanding contribution women make to the British economy, as well as pinpointing those who are actively promoting and encouraging the progress of women above and beyond their everyday job.  More...

In Utero Transplantation and Fetal Gene Therapy

The Second International Conference on In Utero Transplantation and Fetal Gene Therapy Conference will be held on Friday 9th - Saturday 10th October 2015. More...

A celebration of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson and 150 years of medicine

Let's Talk About Sex Ed!

Fertility 2015

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