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Born too soon

Listen to Neil Marlow (IfWH Neonatology) talking to Claudia Hammond about prematurity during six-part series on BBC World Service titled 'The Truth About Life and Death'; Episode 2 Born too soon (air date: Wednesday 2 July, 1930-2000 BST).

Simple blood test can predict women's risk of breast cancer

A study led by Professor Martin Widschwendter (IfWH Women's Cancer) has identified an epigenetic signature in the blood of women predisposed for breast cancer owing to an inherited genetic mutation of the BRCA1 gene. More...

IfWH Annual Meeting 3 June 2014

This year's IfWH Annual Meeting took place on Tuesday 3rd June at the Kennedy Lecture Theatre at ICH on 30 Guilford Street (Google maps link).  More...

The Birthplace study influences new NICE guidelines on planning place of birth

Institute for Women's Health Seminar 7 July 2014

Joel Caton, Engberg Endowed Professor will be visiting from North Dakota State University, US on Monday 7th July.   More...


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