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FGM charges against doctor "have left medical staff afraid"

Peter Brocklehurst says that the first prosecution for FGM has sparked "a lot of worry among midwives and obstetricians about what they can and can't do to control haemorrhaging"... Read more in the Guardian.

IfWH Research Student Day 1 April 2014

The IfWH Postgraduate Student Day 2014 is an opportunity for all the students in the Institute for Women’s Health to share their exciting research with us all and for everyone to get to know one another.

IfWH Annual Meeting 3 June 2014

This year's IfWH Annual Meeting will be taking place on Tuesday 3rd June at the Kennedy Lecture Theatre at ICH on 30 Guilford Street (Google maps link).

Tackling female genital mutilation in the UK

Sarah Creighton, UCLH consultant gynaecologist and honorary clinical professor at the Institute for Women’s Health and Lih-Mei Liao, UCLH consultant clinical psychologist wrote an editorial in BMJ (published 4 December 2013). More...


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