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Eric Jauniaux

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Prof Eric Jauniaux
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sioban sengupta

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Dr Sioban Sen Gupta
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Dr Joyce Harper

Prof Joyce Harper
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Miss Melissa Whitten

Miss Melissa Whitten


At the Institute for Women’s Health we have an active outreach programme designed to give students an insight into life at university.

Most of our academics are available to visit schools to give a wide range of lectures.  This includes careers talks and specialists subjects such as IVF, genetic testing, prenatal diagnosis, gene therapy, sexual health, fetal medicine, and other topics.  If you would like someone to visit your school, please contact the member of staff directly.  Information about our specialities are on this web site.

Day Visits

We also offer day visits to the Institute for students interested in careers in science and medicine.  During these visits students will get a short introduction to life at university including a tour of UCL, talks on careers, and will meet current students.

Summer School

We also run a one week summer school for a limited number of sixth form students where they will spend time in different labs to get a real feel for life at university.  If you would like to know more about this, please contact Helen O’Neill.

If you require any further information – please contact Angela Poulter.

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