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Eric Jauniaux

Graduate Tutor Taught
Prof Eric Jauniaux
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sioban sengupta

Graduate Tutor Research
Dr Sioban Sen Gupta
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Dr Joyce Harper

Prof Joyce Harper
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Medical Education Lead

Miss Melissa Whitten

Miss Melissa Whitten


At the Institute for Women’s Health we are passionate about keeping in contact with our alumni and helping them develop their career journey.  Our graduate careers programme is one of the most comprehensive graduate programmes at UCL.  We hope our alumni go on to fantastic careers and leadership roles in their field.

Our alumni are networked on Facebook and LinkedIn, we produce an annual Alumni newsletter, hold an annual Alumni Network event, meet up with alumni at conferences and invite our alumni to careers sessions for current students. 

Institute for Women’s Health graduate students have gone on to pursue to a wide range of careers in women’s health in the UK and overseas, from work in clinical embryology, genetics, and genetic counselling, to medical specialities in maternal and fetal medicine, IVF, and reproductive medicine, and academic careers covering all these areas of science and medicine and more. 

If you come to the Institute for Women’s Health we hope that you will be a lifelong friend and we look forward to being involved in your career journey.

Some of our alumni talk about their career journey in the short videos below.

Clinical Careers

Careers in Genetics

Careers in Embryology

Academic Careers

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