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About Us

Our Vision 

better lives for women and babies across the world.

Our Mission

To bring together the expertise of clinicians and researchers from a diverse range of disciplines so that they can deliver excellence and innovation in research, clinical practice, education and training in order to make a real and sustainable difference to women's and babies’ health locally, nationally and worldwide.

We believe that things could be better for women and their families.

The objective of the Institute is to make a difference to the health of women, babies and their families in the UK and internationally through excellence in research, clinical care, education and training.

From birth to puberty, motherhood to menopause, maturity to old age, the life course of women around the world is filled with opportunities to improve health and wellbeing.

The Institute team are dedicated to making things better. We believe that health care must be holistic. We aim to improve knowledge, practice and education in all aspects of women’s and babies’ health.

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