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This programme has been based on the successful programme from last year but we have provided a looser schedule and a "cultural day" by popular demand. The aim is to provide students with an introduction to e-publishing. The emphasis will be on scholarly communication because that is where the action is. The school/course will be international in scope but will draw upon the local resources. Fortunately London is a world centre of publishing and in particular e-publishing and in some areas there are centres of excellence and world leaders. All speakers and those giving presentations during visits have been encouraged to describe the publishing approach to the types of publication and communication and the products and services being described and analysed. Why is this publication being created and provided for its audience in the way that it is?
We appreciate that you are librarians or will become librarians and this will be taken into account in the programme (as you will see) but this will be secondary to trying to give you an understanding of publishers in the digital environment

The programme is organised primarily into teaching sessions in the mornings and visits on the afternoons, plus full day visits to Oxford on the Thursday of Week One and to Cambridge on Tuesday of Week Two. Teaching unfortunately will not now be in our own department, the Henry Morley building, due to renovation works having been commenced on it, so please pay close attention to the alternative venues for the classes. The course ends with a high-level conference, which all students are expected to attend as an integral part of the course, on the Thursday and the Friday of Week Two - for the detailed conference programme see http://www.ucl.ac.uk/infostudies/e-publishing/. Finally of course there will be the traditional farewell dinner and presentations!

The teaching will be based on themes. The intention is that the teaching sessions and the visits will together cover to a certain level of depth those themes suggested by the overall title of the summer school. Characteristically in the teaching sessions there will be a mix of talks and question/answer and discussion sessions. Some of the visits will be a little lacking in time for discussion but that will not be entirely under our control. We are very fortunate to get access to some of the places we are going to.


Monday 14th June 2010 start in HM4


09.00 - 09.45 Coffee, welcome and introductions (Andy Dawson, Anthony Watkinson), explanation of student work plans (Tula Giannini)

09.45 - 10.30 Orientation and admission procedures

We shall then move to Rockefeller 333 on the other side of the campus guided by Andy Dawson. Rockefeller 333 is at 21 University Street

10.30 - 11.00 Refreshments

11.00 – 13-00 Presentation by Dr. Ian Rowlands, Reader in the Department of Information Studies and Director of Research for CIBER/Centre for Publishing Dr. Rowlands will explain the Virtual Scholar research programme of CIBER and the other recent studies that he and his group are involved in or have been involved in. For further information see www.ucl.ac.uk/infostudies/research/ciber/

13-00 – 14-00 LUNCH


14-00 to 15-30 Return to Rockefeller 333 for a session with Anthony Watkinson explaining the programme of the course and answering questions. What are the aims of the course and why?
There will be no afternoon programme today after about 15-30 in order to give you time to catch up on sleep/ start exploring London. Anthony and Andy will also give further advice about life in London and what is available…

17.30 Welcome reception at UCL (HM4) to get to know you

Tuesday 15th June 2010 in Rockefeller 337

9-30 to 10-00 meet with Andy Dawson to discuss any questions or issues relating to the summerschool

10-00 to 13-00 (including break for refreshments)
Presentations by members of the Digital Humanities Centre led by the Director Dr. Claire Warwick explaining the digital context of research and learning in the humanities and describing some the projects that the DHC is organising. Dr. Kathryn Piquette will describe the project she is engaged in. For further information about the Centre see http://www.ucl.ac.uk/dh/

14-00 Meet at Rockefeller 337 for visit to the British Library (14-30) led by Dr. Tula Giannini. This will last until c.16-00

Wednesday 16th June 2010 in Rockefeller 333

9-00 meet with Andy Dawson and Anthony Watkinson to discuss the questions raised by the course so far.
9-30 to 11-00 Ruth Jones, Ingram Digital
Ingram Digital (www.ingramdigital.com/ ) has probably the biggest footprint of any company in the e-book space particularly as an aggregator. Ruth Jones will explain what Ingram do, what she does and also will give her views on the development of the e-book market including mobile technologies. Her e-mail is ruth.jones@ingramdigital.com

11-00 to 12-30 Alison Jones, Palgrave Macmillan
Alison is director of digital development at Palgrave Macmillan. She will talk about building and maintaining a list of e-books from a major humanities and social sciences publisher. Her e-mail is alison.jones@palgrave.com

12-30 to 13-45 Lunch

13-45 Meet at Rockefeller 333 to go to Sage Publications with Anthony Watkinson. This will involve a tube journey from Euston to Old Street.

The address of Sage is SAGE Publications Ltd.
1 Oliver's Yard
55 City Road
London EC1Y 1SP.
The telephone number is (020) 7 324 8500. See www.sagepub.co.uk

We shall be at Sage between 14-30 and 16-00. Our host will be Martha Sedgewick. Her e-mail is
martha.sedgwick@sagepub.co.uk . She will talk about e-resources in the social sciences with special reference to their Research Methods Online

Thursday 17th June 2010

VISIT to Oxford

Catch Oxford Tube (bus) from stop at Baker Street station at c.7.10am (be at stop at 7am)
Meet Anthony Watkinson at Oxford Bus Station (Gloucester Green, final stop) at c.09-00 to walk to OUP.

Programme from 09-30 at Oxford University Press:

9:30 – 10:30 Putting Scholarship Online:
A presentation on the challenges of publishing major print works online in the modern market by Robert Faber, Editorial Director, Scholarly and General Reference, and Annabel Coles, Marketing Manager, Online Products.

10:30 – 11:00 Refreshment break

11:00 – 12:00 OUP Museum Tour
A guided tour of the OUP museum with OUP’s Archivist, Martin Maw. Meet at OUP Reception

12-15 to 13-15 lunch at the Eagle and Child pub (known as the Bird and Baby and meeting place of Tolkein, Lewis and other Inklings)

13-30 to 15-00 Tour of the Bodleian Library led by Mr. Bill Clennell

15-15 to c. 15-45 Tour of New College

This leaves time for an optional visit to the Ashmolean Museum which is open to 18-00: it has just been revamped and holds one of the finest collections outside London.

Return to London by Oxford Tube at leisure.

Friday 18th June 2010

Cultural day in London led by Professor Giannini


Monday 21st June Rockfeller 333

9-00 meet for discussion with Anthony Watkinson of questions raised by the course
9-30 Caren Milloy Project Manager for JISC Collections
She will give an overview of the work of JISC Collections with special reference to e-books (see LINK{www.jisc-collections.ac.uk/}YO{www.jisc-collections.ac.uk/}). Her e-mail is c.milloy@jisc.ac.uk

11-00 to 11-30 Refreshments

11-30 to 13-00 Dr. Vanessa Lafaye of Wiley Blackwell the publisher of the Compass group of journals. Vanessa will explain how publishers in the humanities helping scholarly communication by exploiting the possibilities of the digital environment. See www.blackwell-compass.com/. Her e-mail is vlafaye@wiley.com


14-00 to 16-00 Anthony Watkinson will present on e-presses, a development of university presses run by libraries.

Tuesday 22nd June

Visit to Cambridge

07.30 Meet at a location to be confirmed but probably in Albany Street opposite Great Portland Street tube station to board minibus to Cambridge.

Morning Visit – Proquest

09.45 Arrive at The Quorum, Barnwell Road Cambridge CB5 8SW

10.00 - 12.30 Presentations by staff of Proquest: the main site for ProQuest is www.proquest.com/. The programme today will concentrate on the Chadwyck-Heley component of ProQuest – see www.proquest.co.uk/brand/chadwyck.shtml. Main contact is Hugh Tomlinson direct dial: 01223 271260 and switchboard number: 01223 215512

Detailed programme to be received but there will be a digitization / arts and humanities focused presentation, an aggregation / developments at ProQuest session and perhaps a discussion about social networking.

Minibus into Cambridge historic centre for lunch at the Granta 12-45 to 13-45

Time to visit the Fitzwilliam Museum

15-30 Visit to Pembroke College library (librarian Patricia Aske, an alumna of UCL Library School) followed by tour of historic college

16-30 Time for sightseeing and shopping before return to London, stopping for dinner at a pub en route

Wednesday 23rd June 2010 Rockfeller 333

Meet at 10-00 to discuss the course and prepare for the conference. This morning’s session will finish at 12-45.


Meet at Rockefeller 333 for visit to the Office of Public Sector Information led by Andy Dawson (13-45)

The contact is Polina Eaton 020 3334 5237. The address is The National Archives, 5th floor, Zone A, 102 Petty France, London, SW1H 9AJ.

14-30 to 16-00 Office of Public Sector Information [www.opsi.gov.uk/]
Presentation by Alan Pawsey (Head of Publishing Services) on e-government

Thursday 24 June and Friday 25 June


For details of the programme for the conference see www.ucl.ac.uk/infostudies/e-publishing
This conference is part of the course.

Note that there will be a conference reception 17.30 to 19.30 on the evening of the Thursday and there will be a farewell dinner on the evening of the Friday. Details of the dinner will be given later.

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