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BSc in Immunology & Infection

Early training of life scientists in Immunology and Infection is vital to maintain the innovative drive and structured progress in this exciting field. This BSc course offers committed Life Science students a special opportunity to train in Immunology and Infection at an early stage in their career. The course is taught together with medical students to foster dialogue and discussion between biomedical and clinical researchers early on. We hope this will facilitate later synergy in the unraveling of novel fundamental mechanisms, the understanding disease processes and ultimately successful “translational” applications to benefit health and patient care.This BSc course offers committed Life Science students an excellent starting opportunity for entry into an exciting field of biomedical research at an early stage in their career.

If you fulfill the requirements below you may apply for transfer on to the course. (See also UCL Change Course).

The 3rd year modules are taken together with the medical students (intercalated BSc in Immunology, Infection & Cell Pathology) who have completed two years of their degree programme.

Transfer requirements (Life Sciences to BSc Immunology & Infection)

Exams: 2.1 (60%) or above expected + satisfactory interview
Students would have typically undertaken the following year 1 modules:

Year 1

BIOC1001 Cellular And Molecular Biology 1.0u
ANAT1003 Introduction to Human Anatomy 0.5u
PHOL1001 Mammalian Physiology 1.0u           
PHAR1001 An Introduction To Mechanisms Of  Drug Action 0.5u
CHEM1602 Chemistry For Biology Students 0.5u           
BIOL1005 Genes To Organisms: Part A 0.5u

Year 2

BIOC2001 Molecular Biology 1.0u
IMMN2001 Immunology 0.5u
INFN2001 Infection (formerly known as IMMN2002 Medical Microbiology) 0.5u
STAT6101 Statistics 0.5u

+ 1.5u from these optional modules*

PHOL2002 Animal Physiology 1u
PHOL2005 Structuctural Function of the Nervous System 0.5u
ANAT2010 Human Neuroanatomy0.5u
ANAT2050 Human Anatomy and Embryology 1u
BIOL2010 Biology of Development 0.5u
PHAR2001 Drugs and the Mind 0.5u
BIOC2002 General Biochemistry 1u
BIOL2006 Introduction to Human Genetics 0.5u
BIOL2014 Cell Biology 0.5u
PHAR2005 Introductory Pharmacology 0.5u
PHOL2007 Principles of Cellular Control 0.5u
PSYC2205 Brain and behavior 0.5u

*0.5u of year 2 options may be outside Biomed/Life Sci. subj approval. Please note the suggested prerequisite modules.

For more information or to register your interest in transferring please send your request with CV (including courses taken and marks) by email to Ms Biljana Nikolic to arrange an interview and discuss your application.

Programme Director: Dr Mahdad Noursadeghi

After (conditional) acceptance we confirm this to your course administrator, who will oversee the transfer.

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