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Research projects are available in the following topics. Click on the title for further details about the project.

Reversing end-stage differentiation in T cells by surface inhibitory receptor blockade in old subjects - Prof Arne Akbar, Dr Malcolm Rustin

Mechanism of the reduced cutaneous immunity in the old - Prof Arne Akbar, Dr Milica Vukmanovic-Stejic

Molecular immunological approaches to understanding responses to vaccines - Prof Judith Breuer, Prof Benny Chain

Investigating the role of LRBA in immune cell function and human immunodeficiency - Dr Siobhan Burns, Prof Bodo Grimbacher

Understanding the repertoire of the CD4 T cell immune response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis - Prof Benny Chain, Dr Rob Miller

High throughput computational and experimental approaches applied to the study of the pathogen innate/adaptive immune interface - Prof Benny Chain, Prof John Shawe-Taylor

How NFkappaB signalling is activated- a multidisciplinary approach - Prof Mary Collins, Prof Chris Boshoff, Dr Tracey Barrett

The impact of B cell depletion on abnormal regulatory T cell biology in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus -   Prof M Ehrenstein, Prof David Isenberg 

The tRNA retrograde transport pathway in HIV-1 infection - Dr Ari Fassati, Dr Simon Edwards

New antiretrovirals targeting the Transportin 3 pathway in HIV-1 infection - Dr Ari Fassati, Dr Simon Edwards

In vitro studies on HIV‑1 transmission: implications for vaccines and curative strategies - Dr Ravindra Gupta, Dr Clare Jolly

Non-coding RNAs that regulate the cellular response to infection - Dr Richard Jenner, Dr Mahdad Noursadeghi

Identifying host factors necessary for HIV latency - Dr Richard Jenner, Dr Ian Williams

Micro RNA control of the regulatory B cell transcriptome- implications for human autoimmune arthritis - Dr Claudia Mauri, Prof David Isenberg

Identification of novel therapeutic targets for pathogenic inflammation in pneumococcal meningitis - Dr Mahdad Noursadeghi, Dr Jeremy Brown

Studying the effects of HIV-1 infection of macrophages /DC on immunity to Tuberculosis - Dr Maddy Noursadeghi, Prof Benny Chain

Studies of HIV-1 and herpesvirus co-infection in macrophages and dendritic cells - Dr Maddy Noursadeghi, Dr Richard Milne

Identifying novel retroviral restriction factors expressed in mouse pluripotent stem cells - Dr Helen Rowe, Prof Greg Towers

Cancer therapy with gene modified T cells - Prof Hans Stauss, Dr Emma Morris

Development of HIV-based lentiviral vectors for clinical gene therapy - Dr Yasu Takeuchi, Prof Mary Collins

Human antibody responses to animal derived tissues and bioprosthetic materials - Dr Yasu Takeuchi, Dr Guerard Byrne

Characterisation of TRIM21 and intracellular viral neutralisation - Prof Greg Towers, Prof Michael Ehrenstein

Interferon inducible restriction of HIV-1 in humans - Prof Greg Towers, Dr Maddy Noursadeghi

Novel Strategies to promote immune regulation in autoimmune diabetes - Prof Lucy Walker, Prof Hans Stauss

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