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Investigator Contacts for recruiting institutions 

Project: UK Issues related to production of therapeutic T cells
Dave Gilham, Dgilham@picr.man.ac.uk
University of Manchester

Project: Preclinical models for adoptive T cell therapy using engineered tumor specific T cells.
Zelig Eshhar Zelig.eshhar@weizmann.ac.il
Weizmann Institute, Israel

Project: Novel tumour antigens as targets for receptio r-engineered T cells
Reno Debets, j.debets@erasmusmc.nl
Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, NL

Project: Optimising transduction and function of T cells.
Claudio Bordignon, Claudio.Bordignon@molmed.com
Molmed, Milan, IT

Project: Isolation and valildation of new TCRs for gene therapy of prostate cancer and melanoma
Ton Schumacher, t.schumacher@nki.nl
NKI, Amsterdam, NL

Project: Improving the safety of gene-modified T cells
Thomas Blankenstein, tblanke@mdc-berlin.de
MDC, Berlin, Germany  

Project: Homing and persistence of gene-modified T cells
Naomi Taylor, naomi.taylor@igmm.cnrs.fr
CNRS, Montpellier, France

Project: Clinical Trials of Cell Therapy
Fiona Thistlethwaite , fiona.thistlethwaite@christie.nhs.uk
The Christie, Manchester UK

Project: Defining the impact of adoptive T cell transplant on immune competence
Anna Mondino , mondino.anna@hsr.it
San Raffaele, Milan, Italy

Project: Optimization of adoptive T cell therapy by chemokine receptor-directed homing to tumor cells.
Paola Allavena, paola.allavena@humanitasresearch.it
Humanitas, Milan, Italy

Investigators where fellows already recruited

Project: Gene modified T cell subsets for adoptive transfer
Hinrich Abken, hinrich.abken@uk-koeln.de
University of Cologne, Germany  

Project: Isolation and validation of new TCRs for gene therapy of haematological malignancies
Hans Stauss, h.stauss@medsch.ucl.ac.uk
UCL, London, UK  

Project: Isolation, expansion and characterisation o f T cells for adoptive immunotherapy
Alexander Scheffold, alexandersc@miltenyibiotec.de
Miltenyi, Germany

Institutions not hosting fellowships

Adrian Abbotts, GE Healthcare, UK
Janos Szollosi, University of Debrecen, Hungary
Richard Dennett, Eden Biodesign, UK

UK Coordinator

UK Coordinator: Robert Hawkins Rhawkins@picr.man.ac.uk
University of Manchester

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