Academic Centre for Travel Medicine

Director: Dr Jane Zuckerman (Photo)

The Academic Centre for Travel Medicine has the rare honour of being the sole World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for reference, research and training in the UK.  The Centre is also supported by the the Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases and the WHO Reference Centre on Viral Diseases.

In addition to its academic research programmes, the Centre runs two clinical centres: Royal Free Travel Health Centre and the Medical Students Occupational and Travel Health Centre (for medical students at UCL). 

The Centre's activities incorporate both cutting-edge collaborative research funded by the European Union, skills teaching and a commercially successful Travel Health Centre (end-user).


Dr Jane Zuckerman's research activities explore the world of travel medicine and the conditions of travel.  She is currently leading research programmes funded by the European Union and private industry. 

Her current research activities involve collaborative research through an FP6 EU framework programme to determine the impact of basic cabin environment parameters upon fitness to travel; the evaluation of new vaccines, vaccines which circumvent non-response to hepatitis B vaccines; anti-viral agents and other forms of prophylaxis against infectious diseases.

The FP6 EU research grant addresses the concern about the low-pressure cabin environment in commercial passenger aircraft affecting significantly the health and well-being of passengers and crew and involves a research collaboration together with the Building Research Establishment, the Department of Health, Department of the Environment and Transport within a Consortium of 18 partners (national, international, and SME organisations from 8 EU countries).

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To download a list of the most recent publications by Dr Zuckerman, click here.

Students: MBBS Occupational Health

MBBS Occupational Health: the Centre runs UCL Medical School's Occupational and Travel Health Centre for UCL's Medical Students.  The occupational health service provides advice, immunisations, blood tests amongst others as well as any support to UCL medical students.  

The Elective Medical Student Health Service will also be provided through the UCL Medical School Occupational & Travel Health Centre.

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Royal Free Travel Health Centre

The Royal Free Travel Health Centre is a private travel health clinic based at the Royal Free Hospital, providing immunisations, anti-malarial chemoprophylaxis and up-to-date travel-related health advice.   The Centre provides a comprehensive diagnostic and laboratory service which will provide blood type and group identification, assess immunity and protection to infectious diseases, referral for HIV testing.  Travellers will also find an extensive range of travel products including first aid kits, sterile medical equipment packs, mosquito nets, repellents, for sale.

To visit the Royal Free Travel Health Centre site, click here.

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