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12pm | 16 Apr | Pearson G22 LT
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Some of our current research projects

PanACEA (Pan African Consortium for the Evaluation of Antituberculosis Antibiotics)

Date: 5 August, 2013
This research programme is made up of a consortium of scientists from more that 14 countries with skills in clinical trials, pulmonology, mycobacteriology, pharmacokinetics, statistics and delivery of clinical service. This joint initiative comes from the recognition that only by working together across countries and disciplines can the spectre of TB be controlled.

The programme website launched this month can much more information:

Work at UCL is led by Professor Tim McHugh, Centre for Clinical Microbiology (email).

PATHSEEK: Automated Next Generation Sequencing for Diagnostic Microbiology

Summary: PATHSEEK is a 3-year research project funded by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme running from September 2012. 

The project is a collaborative effort led by UCL and involves three further Partners:
Oxford Gene Technology (England),
CLC Bio (Denmark) and
Erasmus Medical Centre (Netherlands). 

PATHSEEK proposes to set up an automated, user-friendly disruptive next generation sequencing platform for use in diagnostic microbiology.  The platform will utilise target enrichment methods to specifically sequence the genetic material of single or multiple pathogens, and relevant host biomarkers, from a single specimen.

PATHSEEK will also develop user-friendly bioniformatics software for use in the diagnostic environment.  The platform will be developed using the following target pathogens: Influenza A, cytomegalovirus, HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Norovirus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Chlamydia trachomatis.

I&I Project Personnel: Professor Judy Breuer, Dr Dan Depledge, Dr Rachel Williams and Ms Helena Tutill

Website link:  www.ucl.ac.uk/pathseek
Contact Name(s):  Judy Breuer (email) or Rachel Williams (email)

Added: 1 August, 2013


PreDiCT-TB: Model-based preclinical development of anti-tuberculosis drug combinations

Summary: PreDICT-TB is funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) and European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) for 5 years from May 2012 and the project led by Professor Tim McHugh, Centre for Clinical Microbiology.

The PreDiCT-TB consortium aims to determine and validate improved methods for pre-clinical drug discovery and development. This will be achieved by integrating multiple in vitro and in vivo models to predict the efficacy of different drug combinations against TB in an aim to identify an optimized decision pathway for the best combination regimens to progress into clinical trials. This a collaborative venture between 22 participants from all around Europe that also includes three pharmaceutical companies. The involvement of the UCL team under the supervision of Professor Timothy D. McHugh will assist the consortium in expertise on defining the mutation rates of the new lead molecules and on the genetic mapping of drug resistant phenotypes (Pope et al. 2008; O'Sullivan et al. 2010) by applying both established and new cutting-edge methodologies in genomics and transcriptomics. These technologies will enable us to define and characterise the mode of action of novel inhibitors, their possible role in the development of drug resistance and their associated fitness cost to the bacteria.

Project website: http://www.predict-tb.eu/

Contact Name(s): Professor Tim McHugh (email) and Dr Dimitrios Evangelopolous


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