Dr Michael E Murphy

MD Res Project Synopsis

At the advent of the third millennium, tuberculosis continues to exact an enormous toll on global health. Largely a disease of poverty, tuberculosis affects those least able to mange the conditions; the socioeconomic consequences on patients and their families can be immense. Despite considerable research investment, efforts to control the disease have had limited success, hampered by limited resources and inadequate healthcare infrastructures. Furthermore, the development of drug resistant tuberculosis, HIV co-infection and the growing epidemic of diabetic mellitus present additional hurdles for the future.

Not without hope, TB retains a high profile in global and attempts to develop new drugs and exploit technological advances continue at a faster pace than ever before. There remains, however, a paucity of data in predicting TB treatment outcomes, posing challenges for patient management and clinical research. In this regard, the REMoxTB study (UCL), an international multi-centre treatment-shortening trial of regimens containing moxifloxacin, has provided high quality longitudinal data on patients receiving tuberculosis treatment; a rare dataset indeed.

Using the data from the REMoxTB study, my research work evaluates epidemiological, bacteriolgical and serological markers of TB treatment reponse which may be applied both in the clinical trial setting and in those resource-limited settings in developed countries bearing the greatest burden of TB disease. The outcomes thus far have challenged our basic understanding of TB bacteriology during treament, informing future directions in research with potential implications for efforts to discover new agents for antituberculous chemotherapy.   


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