Professor Tim McHugh: REMoxTB

REMoxTB achieves recruitment target

REMoxTB is a phase III regulatory clinical trial designed to test treatment shortening regimens for tuberculosis. Initiated and supervised by members of the Centre for Clinical Microbiology this complex study closed recruitment in the second week of January as the recruitment target of 1900 was achieved (final number 1904). Patients are followed for 18 months from the start of treatment and so the results will be available in the latter half of 2013.

The study includes 12 laboratories and more than 25 clinical sites across Africa, SE Asia, India and China. It was critical to build infrastructure and REMoxTB has supported upgrade and construction of laboratory facilities to international operational and safety standards creating a network of facilities that already are contributing to the next phase of TB drug development. Of course, development of facilities is of no value without investment in staff. REMoxTb has enabled sites to employ, train and maintain staff proficient in all aspects of clinical trials delivery. The skills and expertise gained in adoption of best practice and new technologies by trial staff are contributing to raised standards across the healthcare system as a whole.

The ultimate outcome of REMoxTB is a new regimen for treatment of TB and the study leaves a substantial legacy the network of trials sites prepared to test the next generation of compounds and regimens. However, of equal significance is the contribution to clinical trial design informing the dialogue on the design of future trials. It is fair to say that REMoxTB has made an impact far beyond the initial treatment question.

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ProfessorTim McHugh, Principal Investigator

January 2012

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