UCL P TB Afternoon (3 November, 2010)

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Despite the challenge of reaching the Royal Free during a tube strike, the first UCLP TB meeting was well attended by representatives from all groups in the UCLP community interested in addressing the challenge of tuberculosis.

Organised by Drs Marc Lipman (UCLP TB Lead) and Tim McHugh (Director UCL Centre for Clinical Microbiology), the agenda focussed on ways to improve outcomes for our patients with tuberculosis. This was both through opening dialogue across areas of UCLP expertise, and also building on current collaboration within the group. After scene setting by Prof Deenan Pillay (UCLP Infection Lead), Dr John Hayward (PHAST), Dr James Mountford (UCLP) and Mr Mike Head (IDRN), three sessions were held in which participants from across UCLP and London offered short presentations illustrating their areas of interest and perspective. Each led to lively debate - and it was quickly apparent that a single afternoon was inadequate to cover the breadth of the ensuing discussion.

The content of each session (Clinical populations and prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment) can be found in the presentations to download below and a meeting report will be available in early December. There was consensus that this group should re-convene; and also that smaller focussed workshops should be arranged. These will be taken forward in 2011.

As this initiative takes shape, a database of participants will form the basis for future mailings.


If you wish to register your interest and were not able to attend please contact Sangita Patel (s.patel@medsch.ucl.ac.uk).



Prof Deenan Pillay (UCL) - UCL Partners infection theme, TB treatment [PDF]
Dr John Hayward (UCL) - London TB services review [PDF],
Dr James Mountford (UCL) - Quality in healthcare [PDF] Clinical populations and prevention
Mr Michael Head (UCL) - UK TB research spending [PDF]
Prof Ali Zumla (UCL) - TB diagnostics


Clinical Populations and Prevention
Dr Delane Shingadia (Great Ormond Street Hospital) - TB in children, BCG vaccine [PDF]
Dr Katherine Coyne (Homerton University Hospital) - Screening and treatment for latent TB in Homerton HIV cohort [PDF]
Mr Rob Shorten (Royal Free Hospital) - M. tuberculosis genotyping [PDF]
Ms Jessica Mears (HPA) - Molecular surveillance of TB and the National TB Strain Typing Service [PDF]
Al Story (UCLH) - Tuberculosis control in hard to reach groups [PDF]
Ms Elizabeth Garber (RFH/UCL) - TB Reach: Improving the management and control of TB among hard to reach groups [PDF]
Dr Helen Booth (UCLH) – North Central Sector: contact tracing patients’ in the isoniazid resistance outbreak [PDF]

TB Diagnostics
Mr Ben Irving (UCL) - Computer aided airway analysis for the detection of TB [PDF]
Dr John Hipwell (UCL, Centre for Medical Image Computing) - CT and chest X-ray image analysis research project proposal   [PDF]
Dr Justin O’Grady (UCL Centre for Clinical Microbiology) - Evaluation and development of newer TB diagnostics in HIV- infected children and adults with TB  [PDF]
Dr Catherine Arnold (HPA) - Rapid diagnostics [PDF]
Dr Jim Brown (UCLH) - The clinical utility of EBUS-TBNA in diagnosing mediastinal tuberculous lymphadenopathy  [PDF]
Prof George Janossy (UCL) - Overview of the differences of diagnostics to western and poor countries -- the way forward [PDF]

TB Treatment
Prof Graham Rook (UCL) - Immunotherapy [PDF]
Dr Ricardo Jose (Dept Respiratory Medicine (UCL/Royal Free) - MDR TB
Ms Ann Dennis (South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust) – TB treatment [PDF]
Ms Lynn Altass (Islington PCT) – London TB metrics [PDF]

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