Centre for Clinical Microbiology Meeting: January 11, 2012

Venue: Peter Samuel Hall, Royal Free Hospital

Programme of presentations

13:30 Dr Tim McHugh (Director: UCL Centre for Clinical Microbiology): Welcome & Introduction

13:45 Rebecca Gorton
Title: A comparison of three rapid diagnostic techniques for the identification of yeasts direct from blood cultures (Download)
Supervisors: Prof Chris Kibbler and Dr Tim McHugh

14:00 Michelle Cairns
Title: Clostridium difficile: phylogenetics and disease severity
Supervisors: Dr Tim McHugh, Dr Nandini Shetty & Prof Brendan Wren (LSHTM)

14:15 Dr Gemma Vanstone
Title: The rapid detection of resistant gram negatives directly from specimens. (Download)
PIs: Dr Bambos Charalambous & Dr Indran Balakrishnan

14:30 Dr Ginny Moore
Title: Are mobile phones used by healthcare workers bugged?
PI: Dr Peter Wilson

14:45 Dr Samana Schwank
Title: Capacity Development for TB-NEAT (Download)
PI: Prof Ali Zumla

15:00 Dr Justin O’Grady
Title: Evaluation of the burden of tuberculosis in adult inpatients at a tertiary referral hospital in Zambia using the Xpert MTB/RIF assay (Download)
PI: Prof Ali Zumla

15:45 Sarah Thurston
Title: COPD sputum producers and the influence on antibiotic resistance (Download)
Supervisors: Prof Wisia Wedzicha & Dr Tim McHugh

16:00 Marcus Leung
Competence stimulatory peptide gene comC as a promising target for differentiating Streptococcus pseudopneumoniae from Streptococcus pneumoniae and other streptococcal species (Download)
Supervisors: Dr Bambos Charalambous & Prof Stephen Gillespie (University of St Andrews)

16:15 Dr Isobella Honeyborne
Title: A culture free biomarker for quantification of TB in sputum (Download)
PI: Dr Tim McHugh

16:30 Joana Fonseca
Title: A transposon mutagenesis library to study mechanisms of drug resistance in Mtb (Download)
Supervisors: Dr Tim McHugh, Dr Bambos Charalambous & Dr Sharon Kendall (RVC)

16:45 Dr Kasha Singh
Rapid evaluation of moxifloxacin for Tuberculosis (Download)
PI: Dr Tim McHugh

17:00 Dr Anna Bateson
Title: REMoxTB: a microbiological challenge (Download)
PI: Dr Tim McHugh

17:15 Prof Chris Kibbler (Clinical Lead, Royal Free Department Medical Microbiology): Closing remarks

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