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1pm | 20 June | Pearson LT
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1pm | 21 June | Chadwick LT
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1pm | 28 June | Pearson LT
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1pm | 04 July | Pearson LT
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Immunology Consortium

Around 60 research groups within centres across the UCL campus and at affiliated institutes are actively engaged in immunity-related research. The interaction between these research groups has been consolidated by the formation of the UCL Immunology Consortium (UCLIC).

Division Of Infection and Immunity
Division of Medicine

Institute of Child Health (ICH)
National Institute Of Medical Research (NIMR)
Cancer Research UK (CRUK)
Institute of Opthalmology (IOO)

Fundamental immunology, translational research and anti-viral immunity represent the main activity areas of the consortium.

Fundamental Research

Fundamental Research
Infection & Immunity
Medicine ICH
Innate immunity Roes Segal

Reis E Sousa
Lymphocyte signalling     Seddon

Leucocyte trafficking

Hogg Greenwood
T cells: Differentiation Regulation
Cytokines Senescence
Akbar, Jenner Ehrenstein Woo Langhorne,

B lymphocyte function Roes
Mauri, Ehrenstein Baxendale
Intracellular processes of viral infection Weiss, Fassati, Towers, Takeuchi

Gene regulation Skok, Jenner      

Genetic manipulation of human leucocytes
Collins, Chain, Stauss
  Gaspar, Thrasher

Bioinformatics Kellam, Jenner

Antiviral Immunity
 Immune Response to Influenza
 Signalling in Innate Immunity
Translational immunology            
Gene therapy for human immunodeficiency Grimbacher   Thrasher Gaspar      
Gene therapy for cancer Stauss          
Vaccine development Collins, Chain   Goldblatt Langhorne    
Neutralizing antibodies to HIV Weiss          
Hepatitis B specific immune responses in vivo Maini          
CMV infection during ageing Akbar, Griffiths, Emery          
Regulatory T cells in therapy of rheumatoid arthritis   Ehrenstein Mauri Wedderburn      

Other sources of information about the Division's research are available in the School of Life & Medical Sciences People Pages and UCL's Research Publications Database.  Further information about the place of Research at UCL - facts and figures, vision, publications and resources - can be found in the College's research pages.

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