Dr Antony Antoniou: Selected Publications

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1. Antony N. Antoniou, Sarah-Louise Blackwood, Daniela Mazzeo and Colin Watts; "Control of Antigen Presentation by a Single Protease Cleavage Site" Immunity 12, 391-398 2000

2. Antony N. Antoniou, Stuart Ford, Magnus Alphey, Andrew Osborne, Tim Elliott, Simon J. Powis; “The Oxidoreductase ERp57 Efficiently reduces Partially Folded MHC Class I Molecules” EMBO J 21, 2655-2663 (3 June 2002). (Abstract; PDF)

3. Antony N. Antoniou, Simon Powis and Tim Elliott “Assembly and Export of MHC Class I Peptide Ligands” Current Opinions in Immunology 15, 75-81 2003

4. Antony N. Antoniou, and Simon J. Powis “Characterisation of the ERp57-Tapasin complex by Rapid Cellular Acidification and Thiol Modification” Antioxidants and Redox Signalling 5, 375- 2003

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6. Santos S.G, Antoniou, A.N., Sampaio, P., Powis, S.J., and Arosa, F.A:, “Lack of tyrosine 320 impairs spontaneous endocytosis and enhances release of HLA-B27 molecules.” Journal of Immunology, 176, 2942-2949 2006

7. Antony N. Antoniou, Susana G. Santos, Elaine C. Campbell, Sarah Lynch, Fernando A. Arosa, Simon J. Powis, “ERp57 interacts with conserved cysteine residues in the MHC class I peptide-binding groove” FEBS Letters, 581, 1988-92 2007

8. Susana G. Santos, Elaine C. Campbell, Sarah Lynch, Vincent Wong, Antony N. Antoniou, and Simon J. Powis “MHC class I-ERp57-tapasin interactions within the peptide-loading complex.” Journal Of Biological Chemistry, 282, 17587-93, 2007

9. Book Chapter S. J. Powis*, S. G. Santos and A. N. Antoniou “Biochemical features of HLA-B27 and antigen processing.” (Book Chpt, MOLECULAR MECHANISMS OF SPONDYLOARTHROPATHIES) 2009

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13. S. J. Powis, D. Nesbeth, I. Lenart, H. Fussell, K. Gould, A. N. Antoniou “Rapid Acidification and Alkylation; Redox Analysis of The MHC Class I Pathway.” J. Immunological Methods, 340, 81-85, 2009

14. S. Lynch, S. G. Santos, E. C. Campbell, A.M.S. Nimmo, C. Botting A. Prescott, A. N. Antoniou and S. J. Powis "Novel MHC class I structures on exosomes." J. Immunology, 183, 1884-1891, 2009

15. A. Antoniou, I. Lenart, D. Guiliano and Simon Powis “Antigen processing and presentation in the MHC class I and II pathway” Book chapter "Vaccinology: Principles and Practice" (in press).

16. C. Howe, M. Garstka, M. Al-Balushi, E. Ghanem, A. N. Antoniou, S. Fritzsche, G. Jankevicius, N. Kontouli, C. Schneeweiss, A. Williams, T. Elliott and S. Springer “Calreticulin-dependent recycling in the early secretory pathway mediates optimal peptide loading of MHC class I molecules” (in press, 2009, EMBO J)

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