A-Z: Email addresses & telephone numbers

This list contains the names, emails and telephone numbers of staff, postgraduate students, honorary and emeritus staff and research contacts for the Division.

Updated: 25 September, 2012



Royal Free Hospital Switchboard: 020-7794-0500 plus 5-digit extension

Cruciform Building: 020-3108 + 4 digit no. (Internal extension numbers: 5 + 4 digit no.)


UCL: first name initial dot second name @ ucl.ac.uk

ROYAL FREE: first name initial dot second name @ ucl.ac.uk

Second Name First Name Title Email Tel
Aarons Emma Dr  e.aarons [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Aasa-Chapman Marlen Dr  m.aasa-chapman [at] ucl.ac.uk  020-3108-2109
Ahmadi Maryam Dr maryam.ahmadi [at] ucl.ac.uk  RF ext 33611
Akbar Arne Prof a.akbar [at] ucl.ac.uk  020-3108-2172
Ambrose Lynette (Lyn) Ms l.ambrose [at] ucl.ac.uk  RF ext 33611
Amin Pinki Miss pinaki.amin [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-7679-6362
Anderson Ian Dr i.anderson [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-7679-9570
Arnold Catherine Dr  catherine.arnold [at] hpa.org.uk
B top      
Second Name First Name Title Email Tel
Bacon Joanna Dr joanna.bacon [at] hpa.org.uk  -
Balakrishnan Indran Dr  Indran.Balakrishnan [at] nhs.net RF plus Ext  33702
Bates Matthew Dr  matthew.bates [at] ucl.ac.uk 00260974044708
Bateson Anna Dr  a.bateson [at] medsch.ucl.ac.uk
Batista Facundo Dr  -  -
Baxendale Helen Dr  h.baxendale [at] medsch.ucl.ac.uk, helen.baxendale [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Beale Mat Mr mathew.beale [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-8327-6097
Beddows Simon Dr  -  -
Beltran-Nebot Manuel Mr m.beltran-nebot [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Berry Anthony Mr  - 020-7679-9141
Bhagani Sanjay Dr  s.bhagani [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Blackman Michael Prof  -  -
Blake-Wilson Caroline Miss  c.blake-wilson [at] ucl.ac.uk
Blondeau Caroline Dr c.blondeau [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-3108 2110
Breuer Judy Prof  j.breuer [at] ucl.ac.uk  PA: Lauren Collins
Brostoff Jonathan Prof  -  -
Brown Michael Dr  -  -
Bryant Annette Mrs  -  -
Burns  Siobhan  Dr  siobhan.burns[at]ucl.ac.uk    
Byng Maddick
Dr tba  tba
C top      
Second Name First Name Title Email Tel
Campbell  Mari  Dr mari.campbell [at] nhs.net    
Carder Caroline  - caroline.carder [at] uclh.nhs.uk 020-7380-9914 Ext 8147
Cataldo Fabian Dr  -  -
Chain Benjamin (Benny) Prof b.chain [at] ucl.ac.uk  020-7679-9402 (also: 9337, 9365)
Charalambous Bambos Dr b.charalambous [at] ucl.ac.uk RF ext 33271
Chee  Ronnie  Dr  tba  Royal Free
Chen  Antony  Dr      
Chiew Marie-Louise Ms marie-louise.chiew [at] nhs.net  -
Christian  Nicole  Ms      
Chattaway Marie Anne  - marie.chattaway [at] hpa.org.uk 020-8327-6171
Coffin Robert Dr  -  -
Cole  Hazel  Ms  tba  tba  
Collins Lauren Ms lauren.collins [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-3108-2116
Conibear Tim Dr t.conibear [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Cookson  Barry  Mr      
Cooper Katy Ms  -
Coulter Eve Ms e.coulter [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Creary  Lisa  Dr      
Cropley Ian Dr  rebmicr [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
D top      
Second Name First Name Title Email Tel
Davis Christopher  Mr      
Davis Elaine Dr  elaine.davis [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Dawnay Anne Dr a.dawnay [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
De Leon Josefina Mrs j.leon [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
De Oliveira Tulio Dr  -  -
De Souza Joseph (Brian) Dr   J.desouza@ucl.ac.uk  or brian.desouza [at] lshtm.ac.uk  -
Dekou Vasia Ms v.dekou [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-3108-2141
Delves Peter Prof p.delves [at] ucl.ac.uk 020 3108 2135
Depledge Daniel Dr d.depledge [at] ucl.ac.uk Windeyer, ext. 09226
Dickens Anne Miss a.dickens [at] ucl.ac.uk RF ext 33546
Cruciform 020 3108 2142 (x52142)
Donoghue Helen Dr h.donoghue [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Doorbar John Dr  -  -
Duley  Emma  Miss      
Dusart Philip Mr philip.dusart.09 [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
E top      
Second Name First Name Title Email Tel
Easom  Nicholas  Dr      
Edwards Carolyn Dr c.j.edwards [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-7679-9608
Emmott Elle  -  - 020-7830-2999
Escors David Dr d.escors [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-3108-2175
Evans Jamie Mr jamie.evans [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-7679-9247
Evans Rhiannon Ms r.evans.10 [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
F top      
Second Name First Name Title Email Tel
Fassati Ariberto (Ari) Dr a.fassati [at] ucl.ac.uk  020-7679-9566 (also: 9568, 9609)
Ferns Ruth Dr  -  -
Fife Mark Dr  m.fife [at] ucl.ac.uk  020-7679-9253
Flavell  Richard  Prof      
Fletcher Adam Mr adam.fletcher [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Fonseca  Joana  Ms      
Frampton Daniel (Dan) Mr  d.frampton [at] ucl.ac.uk  020-7679-0412
Frickel  Eva-Maria
G top      
Second Name First Name Title Email Tel
Gammie  Fiona  Mrs  tba  tba  
Gant Vanya Dr vanya.gant [at] uclh.nhs.uk  -
Gao Liquan Dr l.gao [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Garcha Davinder  Mr      
Garson Jeremy Dr  j.garson [at] ucl.ac.uk

Ghorashian Sara Dr s.ghorashian [at] ucl.ac.uk  RF ext 33611
Giannatou Eleanna  - eleanna.giannatou [at] nhs.net, eleanna.giannatou.10 [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Gillmore Roopinder Dr  -  RF ext 33611
Girdlestone John Dr  j.girdlestone [at] ucl.ac.uk; john.girdlestone [at] nhsbt.nhs.uk  -
Gnatiuc Louisa Ms  -  -
Gorton Rebecca Ms rebecca.gorton [at] nhs.net  -
Gosling Roland Dr  r.gosling [at] ucl.ac.uk  RF ext 33547
Gray Eleanor Dr e.gray [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-3108-2131
Griffiths Paul Prof p.griffiths [at] ucl.ac.uk  020-7830-2997
Grimbacher Bodo Prof  b.grimbacher [at] ucl.ac.uk  RF ext 34399
Groppelli Elisabetta Dr e.groppelli [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Grundy Jane Dr  jane.grundy [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Gupta Ravindra Dr rebmrag [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-7679-9226
Guzman David Mr d.guzman [at] ucl.ac.uk RF ext 33723
H top      
Second Name First Name Title Email Tel
Hadicke Juliane Miss  j.hadicke [at] ucl.ac.uk
Hagemann  Thorsten  Dr      
Hamilton-Miller Jeremy Prof j.hamilton-miller [at] medsch.ucl.ac.uk  RF ext 33271
Haque Tanzina Dr tanzina.haque [at] ucl.ac.uk 0207 317 7523
Heather  James  Mr  james.heather.10 [at] ucl.ac.uk  020-3108 2127  
Henson Sian Dr  s.henson [at] ucl.ac.uk  020-3108-2179
Hilditch  Laura  Miss      
Hoffman  Peter  Dr
 tba  tba  
Holler Angelika Miss  a.holler [at] ucl.ac.uk RF ext 33611
Honeyborne Isobella Dr i.honeyborne [at] ucl.ac.uk RF ext 36923
Hopkins Susan Dr  susanhopkins [at] nhs.net  RF ext 36285
 Hou Tiezheng  Ms  t.hou [at] ucl.ac.uk    
Hue Stephane Dr  stephane.hue [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Huggett James (Jim) Dr  j.huggett [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Hunt Robert Mr r.hunt [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
I top      
Second Name First Name Title Email Tel
J top      
Second Name First Name Title Email Tel
Jacobs Michael Dr  m.jacobs [at] ucl.ac.uk  020-7941-1839
Janossy George Emeritus Prof janossy [at] rfhsm.u-net.com 020-8864-1606
Jenkins Claire Dr  c.jenkins [at] medsch.ucl.ac.uk  -
Jenner Richard Dr  r.jenner [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-7679-6815
Johnson Margaret Prof  -  -
Jolly Clare Dr c.jolly [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-3108 -2145
Jones Meleri Ms meleri.jones [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Jury Elizabeth (Liz)   e.jury [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-3108-2154
K top      
Second Name First Name Title Email Tel
Kanhere Aditi Dr a.kanhere [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Kassiotis George Dr  -  -
Katz David Emeritus Prof  d.katz [at] ucl.ac.uk  020-7679-9397
Kellam Paul Prof pk5 [at] sanger.ac.uk  -
Kemeny  David  Prof      
 Kenefek  Rupert  Mr  r.kenefeck[at]ucl.ac.uk  RF  
Khanna Pooja Dr  pooja.khanna [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Kibbler Christopher (Chris) Prof c.kibbler [at] ucl.ac.uk  RF ext 33545
Kidd Ian Dr  i.kidd [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
King Deborah (Debbie) Mrs deborah.king [at] royalfree.nhs.uk 020-7830-2885
King Douglas (Doug) Mr douglas.king [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-3108-2124
Kinloch Sabine Dr  sabine [at] kinloch.u-net.com  -
Kioussis Dimitris Prof  dkiouss [at] nimr.mrc.ac.uk  -
Kundu  Samit  Dr samit.kundu [at] ucl.ac.uk
Kunjara Sirilaksana Dr s.kunjara [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-7679-9373
L top      
Second Name First Name Title Email Tel
Lai Yi-Chun Ms  imogen.lai [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Lampejo  Temi  Dr  tba  tba  
Lange Camille Marie Ms rebmcml [at] live.ucl.ac.uk 020-3108-2109
Langhorne Jean Dr  -  -
Lanna  Alessio  Mr a.lanna.11 [at] ucl.ac.uk
Lapp Thabo Benjamin
 Dr -
Laurenzi Martin Dr  -  -
Lawson W Dr  -  020-7679-9273
Leen Fiona  -  - 020-7830-2885
 Len  Alice  Dr  a.len [at] ucl.ac.uk
0203 108 2146  
 Mala  Mrs .
Leung Marcus Mr m.leung [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Ling Clare Dr  clare.ling [at] hpa.org.uk  -
Lubeiro Isabel Ms i.lubeiro [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-3108-2133
Luck Suzanne Dr  sluck [at] doctors.org.uk  -
Lydyard Peter Emeritus Prof  p.lydyard [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
 Katherine  Ms      
M top      
Second Name First Name Title Email Tel
Macdonald Douglas Dr  d.macdonald [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Maharjan Susan Mrs  s.maharjan [at] ucl.ac.uk  020-3108-2119
Maini Mala Prof m.maini [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-7679-9212
 Sara  Ms      
Matjeka Theres Dr t.matjeka [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-3108 2127
Mattes Frank Dr  f.mattes [at] ucl.ac.uk  RF ext 33749
Mauri  Claudia  Prof  c.mauri [at] ucl.ac.uk    
Mbisa Jean Lutamyo Dr  -  -
McCormick Adele Dr  adele.mccormick [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
McCoy Laura Dr  -  -
McElvaney Carolyn Mrs c.mcelvaney [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-3108 2121
McElvaney Stephen Mr s.mcelvaney [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-3108-2176
McHugh Timothy Prof
t.mchugh [at] ucl.ac.uk 020 7472 6402
McMillan  Adam  Mr      
 Jessica  Ms      
Milne Richard Dr richard.milne [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-7830-2997
Mitchison  Avrion  Prof      
Mlcochova  Petra  Dr      
Moganeradj Kartyk Mr mkartyk [at] gmail.com, kartyk.moganeradj [at] hpa.org.uk 020-3209-1016
Montez Sandra Ms  -  -
Moore Ginny Dr  g.moore [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Morris Emma Dr e.morris [at] ucl.ac.uk RF ext 33741
Morris Peter Mr rekgpjm [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Morris-Jones Stephen Dr stephen.morris-jones [at] uclh.nhs.uk, s.morris-jones [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
 Michael E
Murthy  Saraswathi  Dr      
Mwaigwisya  Solomon  Mr      
N top      
Second Name First Name Title Email Tel
Nair Sean Dr sean.nair [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-3456-1118
Nastouli Eleni Dr  -  -
Natkanski Elizabeth Ms enatkan [at] nimr.mrc.ac.uk 0208-816-2072
Navarette Cristina Dr  cristina.navarrete [at] nbs.nhs.uk  020-8258-2810
Nebbia Gaia Dr  g.nebbia [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Nicholson Emma Dr e.nicholson [at] ucl.ac.uk RF ext 34932
Nikolic Biljana Mrs b.nikolic [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-3108-2122
Noursadeghi Mahdad Dr m.noursadeghi [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-7679-9222
O top      
Second Name First Name Title Email Tel
O'Garra Anne Dr  aogarra [at] nimr.mrc.ac.uk  -
O'Grady Justin Dr j.ogrady [at] ucl.ac.uk RF ext 31147
Okumu-Fransche Sara Mrs  s.okumu-fransche [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Omoyinmi Ebun Dr e.omoyinmi [at] ucl.ac.uk  
Onifade  Dami Aderonke
Otermans  Yvonne  Ms      
P top      
Second Name First Name Title Email Tel
Pagliarulo Emilio Mr epaglia [at] nimr.mrc.ac.uk 020-8816-2639
Parry Chris Dr  c.parry [at] ucl.ac.uk
Parry John Dr  -  -
Patel Dipika Miss  -  -
Patel Sangita Miss s.patel [at] ucl.ac.uk RF ext 33539
Patel Sharmishta Mrs  -  -
Pattison John Prof  -  -
Peppa Dimitra Dr  d.peppa [at] ucl.ac.uk
Pettit Sarah Dr sarah.petit [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-7679-9524
Phadnis Saurabh Dr  s.phadnis [at] ucl.ac.uk
Photiades Samantha
Mrs s.photiades [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-3108-2134
Pike Rebecca Dr r.pike [at] ucl.ac.uk RF ext 34932
Pillay Deenan Prof d.pillay [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-3108-2117
Internal: 52117
EA: Pinki 020-7679-6362
Playfair John Emeritus Prof  -  -
Pollara Gabriele Dr  g.pollara [at] ucl.ac.uk
Potton Elspeth Dr e.potton [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Poulter Leonard Emeritus Prof  -  -
Q top        
R top        
Second Name First Name Title Email Tel
Rademacher Thomas Prof  t.rademacher [at] ucl.ac.uk
Radziszewska Ania Ms  ania.radziszewska [at] ucl.ac.uk
Rasaiyaah Jane Dr  j.rasaiyaah [at] ucl.ac.uk
Rawlings Eira Mrs e.rawlings [at] ucl.ac.uk RF ext 33754
Reis e Sousa Caetano Dr  caetano [at] cancer.org.uk
Reynolds Maria Ms maria.reynolds2 [at] nhs.net 020-7830-2885
Ribes Juan Dr j.ribes [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-3108 2142
Richards Paul Dr  paul.s.richards [at] ucl.ac.uk
Richardson  Rachel  Mrs r.richardson [at] ucl.ac.uk RF ext 34932  
Riddell Natalie Dr n.riddell [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-3108-2158
Riley Patrick Emeritus Prof  p.riley [at] ucl.ac.uk
Roes Jurgen Dr j.roes [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-7679-6170
Rook Graham Prof g.rook [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Rothwell Emily Ms emily.rothwell [at] nhs.net RF ext 34943
Rumsby Gill Dr gill.rumsby [at] uclh.nhs.uk 020 344 72955
Rumsey Karen Ms k.rumsey [at] ucl.ac.uk RF ext 34064
Rustin Malcolm Dr  m.rustin [at] ucl.ac.uk
S top      
Second Name First Name Title Email Tel
Sait Mahdia Ms m.sait [at] ucl.ac.uk  RF ext 36662
Sansom  David  Prof  d.sansom [at] ucl.ac.uk
Sandhu  Daisy  Dr  dsandhu [at] nhs.net 020-7433-3800
Satta  Giovanni  Dr  giovanni.satta [at] nhs.net
Schaller Torsten Dr  t.schaller [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Schurich Anna Dr a.schurich [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-3108-2176
Schwank  Samana  Dr      
Seddon Benedict Dr  b.seddon [at] nimr.mrc.ac.uk
Serrano  Maria  Dr  maria.serrano [at] ucl.ac.uk  RF ext 34906  
Shennan Tanya   t.shennan [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-7830-2579
Shetty Nandini Dr nandini.shetty [at]  uclh.nhs.uk, nandini.shetty [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Shorten  Robert  Dr      
Simpson Andrew Dr  -  -
Simpson Nandi Dr  i.simpson [at] ucl.ac.uk  020-7679-9226
Singh Kasha Dr  k.singh [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Singh Simran -
harsimran.singh [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-3108-2173
Smith  Katie  Mrs  katie.h.smith [at] ucl.ac.uk    
Sobande Temitope (Toni) Miss t.sobande [at] ucl.ac.uk
Sorvio De Carvalho
 Luis Pedro
Speck Jeanne Mrs jeanne.speck [at] nhs.net 020-7830-2885
Stanford John Emeritus Prof  j.stanford [at] ucl.ac.uk
Starling Shimona Ms shimona.starling.09 [at] ucl.ac.uk OR shimonastarling [at] gmail.com  -
Stauss Hans Prof h.stauss [at] ucl.ac.uk RF ext 33321
Stockinger Brigitta Dr  bstocki [at] nimr.mrc.ac.uk
Stoye Jonathan Dr  jstoye [at] nimr.mrc.ac.uk
Sudarshi  Darshan  Dr      
Summerfield Vicki   vicki.summerfield [at] unilever.com 01234-264-773
Sutherland Katherine Ms katherine.sutherland.10 [at] ucl.ac.uk, katherine.sutherland [at] hpa.org.uk  -
Swana Marlene Mrs  m.swana [at] ucl.ac.uk
 020-7679-9344 (also: 9340)
T top      
Second Name First Name Title Email Tel
Takeuchi Yasuhiro (Yasu) Dr y.takeuchi [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-3108-2144
Tan Choon Ping Dr cp.tan [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Tedder Richard Prof  r.tedder at] ucl.ac.uk
Thaventhiran James Dr  j.thaventhiran [at] ucl.ac.uk
Thomas Niclas  - niclas.thomas.09 [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Thorpe  Peter  Dr      
Thomas Sharyn Dr s.thomas [at] ucl.ac.uk RF ext 33723
Thurston  Sarah Ms
Tolar Pavel Dr  ptolar [at] nimr.mrc.ac.uk
Towers Gregory Prof g.towers [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-7679-9535 or 9524
Tsao Edward (Ed) Dr e.tsao [at] ucl.ac.uk  -
Tsang  Lilian  Ms      
Tybulewicz Victor Dr  vtybule [at] nimr.mrc.ac.uk
U top      
Second Name First Name Title Email Tel
V top      
Second Name First Name Title Email Tel
Van Tulleken Christoffer Dr c.tulleken [at] ucl.ac.uk
Viiri Keijo Dr  k.viiri [at] ucl.ac.uk
Vukmanovic-Stejic Milica Dr m.vukmanovic-stejic [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-3108-2173
W top      
Second Name First Name Title Email Tel
 Andreas  Dr      
Walker  Lucy  Prof  lucy.walker [at] ucl.ac.uk
Wanders  Jennifer  Mrs  j.wanders [at] ucl.ac.uk  RF ext 35642  
Wang ChunJing  Dr  c.wang [at] ucl.ac.uk    
Ward Katherine Dr  k.n.ward [at] ucl.ac.uk
Wardzinski  Lukasz  Mr
 l.wardzinski[at]ucl.ac.uk  RF  
Webb Benjamin (Ben) Dr benjamin.webb [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-7679-9608
Webster David Dr adbwebster [at] btinternet.com
Weiss Robin Prof r.weiss [at] ucl.ac.uk 020 3108 2137
Whelan  Michael  Dr      
Williams Emma Dr  emma.williams [at] uclh.nhs.uk
Wilson Andrew Dr  -  -
Wilson Mark Dr mwilson [at] nimr.mrc.ac.uk 020-8816-2189
Wilson Michael Prof m.wilson [at] eastman.ucl.ac.uk 0207-915-1231
Winder Anthony Emeritus Prof  -  -
Winkler Sabine   s.winkler [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-3108 2142
Woo Patricia Emeritus Prof patricia.woo [at] ucl.ac.uk  
Workman Sarita Ms  sarita.workman [at] nhs.net
 RF ext 33832
Wright Edward Dr edward.wright [at] ucl.ac.uk  
X top      
Second Name First Name Title Email Tel
Xue Shao-An Dr s.xue [at] ucl.ac.uk RF ext 36663
Y top      
Second Name First Name Title Email Tel
Young Douglas Prof  -  -
Z top      
Second Name First Name Title Email Tel
Zamoyska Rose Dr  -  -
Zech Mathias Mr m.zech [at] ucl.ac.uk RF ext 33723
Zheng Dongling Dr d.zheng [at] ucl.ac.uk  
Zuckerman Arie Prof  -  -
Zuckerman Jane Dr j.zuckerman [at] ucl.ac.uk 020-7830-2999
Zumla Alimuddin (Ali) Prof  a.zumla [at] ucl.ac.uk


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