UCL Division of Infection & Immunity

Athena SWAN Silver Award

External Seminar
12pm | 16 Apr | Pearson G22 LT
Internal Seminar
1pm | 17 Apr | Cruciform LT2

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Information on charging for services

Through the RAM (Resource Allocation Model) the Division is charged by the College for all the space it occupies, plus the salaries of its HEFCE funded staff and a contribution towards the central costs of the College. These have to be met either from the income the Institute receives through its HEFCE grant for research and teaching, overheads on Research Council grants and industrial contracts or directly from discretionary accounts, rental of space and visitors facilities fees.

Cost recovery of ongoing equipment maintenance charges (service contracts, basic consumables and operator/manager salary) is also an essential requirement under the full economic costing system.

Users are charged per hour for use of the equipment which is logged via a central web based booking system.

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