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1pm | 20 Mar | Cruciform LT1

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Laboratory Services & Safety

Laboratory Services collage and safety statement

Our laboratories provide a variety of facilities available to researchers in the Division, at UCL and outside the College.
The Director of the Division has overall responsibility for health and safety on all Divisional sites. 


We have dedicated laboratory managers at the Bloomsbury and Royal Free campuses.


Laboratory Manager/Flow Cytometry Core Facility Manager: Jamie Evans
jamie.evans [at] ucl.ac.uk, 020-3108-2174, Internal: 52174

Laboratory Manager/ Biological Safety Officer/Genetic Modification Officer/
CL3 Facilities Manager/Safety Officer: Douglas King
douglas.king [at] ucl.ac.uk, 020-3108-2124, Internal: 52124

Senior Central Services Technician: Peter Morris
telephone number to be advised

Central Services Technician: Tony Berry
telephone number to be advised

Royal Free

Laboratory Manager/Safety Officer/Genetic Modification Officer/Radiation Protection Officer: Eira Rawlings
e.rawlings [at] ucl.ac.uk, 020-7794-0500 ext. 33754

Flow Cytometry Facility: Ms Janani Sivakumaran
s.sivakumaran [at] ucl.ac.uk, 020-7794-0500 ext. 34932/22477

Lab Services, Bloomsbury

Laboratory Services Team

FACS Laboratory Manager: Jamie Evans, jamie.evans [at] ucl.ac.uk, 020-3108-2174
CL3 Facilities Manager: Douglas King, douglas.king [at] ucl.ac.uk, 020-3108-2124

Equipment and Services

Confocal Microscope (Leica) SP (link to booking schedule)
(link to booking schedule)
FACS machines and ImagestreamX Mk2
(link to booking schedule)
Real Time PCR (link to booking schedule)
X ray Machine Ground Floor (link to booking schedule)


Booking System

Lab Services, Royal Free

Laboratory Services Team

Mrs Eira Rawlings, Laboratory Manager
(email; tel: 020-7794-0500 ext 33754)
Ms Janani Sivakumaran, Flow Cytometry and Confocal microscopy Core Facility Manager
(email; tel: 020-7794-0500 ext 34932/22477)


  • IVIS Imaging Camera
  • Core FACS facility

The new core FACS facility at the Institute of Immunity and Transplantation at the Royal Free Campus is now fully operational.
We have the following machines:

· A five laser LSR Fortessa (Blue, Red, Violet, Yellow-Green and UV)

· A four laser LSR Fortessa (Blue, Red, Violet and Yellow-Green)

· A three laser LSR II (Blue, Red and Violet)

· A three laser Aria I (Blue, Red and Violet) for cell sorting

This facility is available to all and is open weekdays from 9-5 for external users.  For further information and current charges for use of FACS machines, cell sorter, confocal microscope and cell sorting service, please contact Ms Janani Sivakumaran (email

How to make a booking

Link to Booking System

Health & Safety Contacts

Professor Judy Breuer and Professor Hans Stauss have overall responsibility for health and safety on all Divisional sites.

Health and Safety Representatives: Royal Free

Eira Rawlings, Department of Immunology
Email: e.rawlings [at] ucl.ac.uk
Telephone: 020-7794 0500 x  33754

Adrian Lyons, Department of Medical Microbiology
Email: adrian.lyons [at] nhs.net
Telephone: 020-7794 0500 x 33275

to be advised, Centre for Virology
Email: xx [at] ucl.ac.uk
Telephone:   020-7794 0500

Health and Safety Representatives: Bloomsbury

Doug King
Email: douglas.king [at] ucl.ac.uk
Telephone: 020-3108-2124
Responsibilities: Safety Officer; Radiation Protection Supervisor;
Biological Safety Officer; Genetic Modification Officer

Jamie Evans
Email: jamie.evans [at] ucl.ac.uk
Telephone: 020-3108-2174
Deputy Radiation Protection Supervisor

Date: 4 March, 2015


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