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Scientists discover role for gene in immune system

Researchers at the UCL Institute of Immunity and Transplantation (IIT) have discovered that a single gene plays an important role in ensuring humans are able to fight infections. More...

Open Day presentations now online

Presentations from the Institute of Immunity and Transplantation Open Day 27 June 2014 can now be viewed online.


The Institute of Immunity, Infection and Transplantation will serve as a translational research hub to develop new treatments and improve the management of patients with an immune-related disease. 

  • For patients, it will offer greater access to cutting-edge research and the latest treatments.
  • For researchers, it will offer a critical mass of expertise for collaboration and synergy, and access to a broad and diverse patient population.
  • Educational programmes will train doctors and scientists, creating a new elite generation of immunity and infection experts.
Learning about lysosomal storage disorders
Public education: open day 2014

Key expertise includes:

  • Discovering and developing new forms of therapy by performing first-in-man proof of principle studies
  • Proof of concept studies which can serve as pathway finders to accelerate innovation in other disease areas
  • Accelerated delivery of commercially sponsored phase II/III efficacy studies
  • Working with industry to produce new vaccines and therapeutic cells as commercial products

We aim to establish a culture and infrastructure that attracts the best clinicians and scientists who provide innovative treatment options for our patients. Public awareness campaigns will raise the knowledge of immune system defects with the aim of improving prevention and early diagnosis of disease.

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