MRes Research Project

During the first year of the four year PhD programme students study for an MRes degree, which consists of taught courses and a research project. The research project is worth 60% of the students MRes mark.

The student is allocated two supervisors with expertise in their project field. The project introduces the student to independent research and provides an opportunity for the student to explore a topic in greater depth. The project often (but not necessarily) forms the basis for the student’s PhD research.

PhD Research Project

Students that obtain an average mark of over 60% in their MRes degree transfer to Year 2 of the programme.

Like all PhD programmes, initially students are registered for the MPhil degree. Transfer to PhD status usually occurs at the start of year 4, and is dependent on the submission and successful examination of a student's 'transfer report'. This report descibes the research performed so far, and the work they intend to do to complete their thesis.

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